What to Pack for a Trip to Hawaii- with free printable list

Family Packing List for Hawaii

Honestly, when it comes to packing Hawaii is one of the easiest destinations for me.  The chill laid back vibe of Hawaii  + the year round weather forecast of sunny skies really only calls for a few key necessities.  Even still if you are Type A like me you still need a checklist.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got your back {wink wink}… Just pin this so you can come back to it-

Hawaii Packing List

Not sure What to pack for a trip to Hawaii? Here is EVERYTHING you need to pack for your family Hawaiian vacation-

Hawaii Packing ListEmail me at amberm@globalmunchkins.com for a Downloadable and Printable PDF

Must Haves

Most on this list are obvious.  But, you should double check before you leave because these items are absolutely necessary.

Carry On

My goal is to have only carry-on but we aren’t quite there yet.  I think in a year are so the big kids will be old enough to be responsible for their own carry on luggage (I have my eyes on these ones) and Liv will be out of the baby stage.  But, until then we pack both a carry-on and checked luggage.  This list is showcasing that.

The goal here is to be comfortable so a great neck pillow, comfy socks and a scarf or lightweight sweater usually do the trick.  I like to pack an eye mask and sunglasses too (I’ve had someone keep their window open in the row in front of me and the sun was glaring straight in my eyes the whole flight). Lastly, I always bring chapstick and lotion to help my lips and skin stay hydrated up in the sky.

Plane food is not what it used to be and we’ve been on flights where they have completely run out of food or ran out of what we wanted to purchase.  So, come prepared with snacks.  Below are some of my favorites.  1.  Trail mix, 2. celery and nut butter, 3. citrus tastes so good on a plane always, 4. candied ginger, 5. Ready Snax packs with veggies or fruit, 6. chocolate covered pretzels are my go to plane treat and lastly a cup for oatmeal is always great bc the flight attendants can easily get you some hot water.


*Tip- Purchase a water once you get through security and I usually grab a sandwich at Starbucks or an entree at the airport food court too.

Next, you want something to keep you occupied.  Reading material and electronics usually, do the trick.  Make sure to pack a nice set of headphones too.   *Tip- A great tip I learned is to pack charger with multiple outlets so the whole family can charge their electronics at the same time.  It also helps when there are no outlets available because they are all being used.  Strangers will welcome the multiple outlets and share the juice 🙂

*Tip- Clorox wipes might sound odd- but a quick wipe down of the seats and trays always makes me feel a little better about the germ situation.  We don’t need anyone getting sick on our big trip- right?

*Tip: Save some room and weight in your checked baggage by packing heavier things like jeans, sneakers, and snacks in your carry on.


This list again is pretty basic.  Whatever your routine is for bathing and getting ready in the morning you are going to need to pack.  *Tip- To ensure the bottles don’t spill: take off the tops, place a small square of plastic wrap over the bottle opening and then screw the tops back on.  I recommend keeping all toiletries separated in gallon sized ziploc bags.  It works great.  I usually divide them by shower, sink and make up.  It makes it super easy when you unpack and settle into your room. *Tip: Most accommodations including VRBO & AirBnB in my experience are equipped with hair dryers.  So, check with them before you pack.


This is where Hawaii makes things easy peasy.  Pair your swim suit with a tank, shorts, and flip flops and you are pretty much dressed appropriately for 90% of places you’ll go on the islands.  Sure, you’ll want to pack at least one nice outfit (more if you’re sans kids) for when you go out to a nice dinner.  But, keeping things simple = a more relaxing vacation and isn’t that the goal when you are going to Hawaii?

A few things that are important to bring if you plan on being more active are exercise clothes, athletic shoes and a pair of jeans.  Zip-lining and horseback riding both require pants and close toed shoes.  And, hiking in Hawaii is usually pretty wet and slippery so sneakers are what you will want to be wearing.  Yes, there are a bunch of people hiking in flip flops but if you want to get to the peak and see some of the most spectacular views in the world than listen to me and wear your sneakers.

*Tip: To save space always roll your clothing vs folding.


No one wants skin cancer so please bring plenty of sunscreen and re-apply often.  How often?  Check this article out *Tip- Set an alarm on your phone so you know when you need to re-apply sunscreen next.  Chances are your going to be having fun and its way too easy to forget without a reminder.

We go through a lot of sunscreen when we are in Hawaii because you are in the sun practically all day long.  Things are a bit pricier in Hawaii since everything has to be imported so I try to bring enough sunscreen to last the whole trip.  Although, Oahu and Maui both have Costco’s now so you could grab some there too for a decent price.

Toys keep kids occupied so you don’t want to skimp out and save room for packing.  You will be kicking yourself if you do as you go to the store and buy the insanely overpriced bucket & shovel.  I like to pack these collapsible pails, a few shovels, goggles, some water Barbie’s and a water football.  Of course if your child wears a flotation device pack (our favorite is this one) that too.  *Tip: Some resorts can supply you with a life vest so call and check before you pack.  Lastly, these collapsible beach blankets are incredibly light and easy to pack.  They are a life saver when you want to keep the baby off the sand, dirt or grass.  Need to keep your phone handy but don’t want it to get all sandy?  *Tip- Seal your phone in a ziploc bag.  We also snag a few snacks from our buffet breakfast and store them in ziploc bags for later when the kids are getting hangry 😉

Hopefully, this helps you know what to pack for a trip to Hawaii with your family.

More Questions about what to pack?

Leave them in the comments below or email me amberm@globalmunchkins.com


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