Disney Cruise vs Disney World- Which to Choose and Why

Trying to decide- Disney Cruise vs Disney World? Learn the pros and cons of both to help you make a well informed decision on which Disney Vacation is BEST for your family. Plus, learn how to save $$ on both.

Disney Cruise vs Disney World, have you ever wondered which of the two Disney Vacations would be right for your family? As someone who has visited Disney World 20+ times and to WDW and is preparing for their 6th Disney Cruise with kids ranging from babies to teens. Let me open your eyes to the pros and cons of both of these awesome family vacations.

Disney Cruise vs Disney World- Which to Choose and Why

Trying to decide- Disney Cruise vs Disney World? Learn the pros and cons of both to help you make a well informed decision on which Disney Vacation is BEST for your family. Plus, learn how to save $$ on both.
The Biggest Difference is Pace-

  • WDW- Walt Disney World is comprised of four theme parks, two waterparks + Disney Springs. That is A LOT! In order to see and do everything on your list, you can expect a fast-paced and often exhausting trip. Don’t get me wrong it’s also exhilarating, magical and super incredible to tour the parks. But, expect to be exhausted. Expect tired and sore feet at the end of the day and don’t expect to come home feeling rejuvenated. If I am being completely honest, I often come home from Disney World needing another vacation- ha!

    Mickey on a Float in a Parade at Disneyworld | Global Munchkins

  • One thing that has helped us get through Walt Disney World feeling a little more relaxed is scheduling in downtime. Our typical schedule is to hit the parks as soon as they open. Come back to the resort to nap and swim in the pool (they have some AMAZING pools at the Disney Resorts. Our fav is Beach Club’s below). Then we head back into the parks in the evening once again. This pace allows us to hit two parks in one day while avoiding the heaviest crowds. It also ensures better moods!

Transracial adoptive family laying in pool at Disney's Beach Club

  • CRUISE- When comparing Disney Cruise vs Disney World one thing you can take into consideration is the walkability factor. Unlike the parks, everything onboard the cruise ship is condensed onto the ship. The activities and shows are all neatly scheduled out in advance for you and your stateroom is always just a quick elevator ride away, in case someone needs to head up early for a nap.

Getting ready to board Disney Cruise Ship | Global Munchkins

I covered this topic on my Family Travel Chat LIVE on Facebook episodes.

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  • WDW– There are plenty of childcare options available including Kids Activity Clubs and In-Room Childcare offered by Disney when you are visiting Disney World. There are also 3rd party sitter services like Sitters In A Second Inc. (read about our experience here). The thing is 1) it is expensive and 2) your are SO busy and have SO many things to do that include the kids it is hard to squeeze in time away from them.
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  • CRUISE– INCLUDED CHILDCARE- woot!! woot!! Yes, childcare for potty-trained munchkins 3-12 years old is included in the cruise pricing and it’s AMAZING!!! There is also cool hang out areas on board, The Edge is for 11-14-year-olds, and Vibe is for 14-17 years old.
  • Infants up to age 3 (not potty trained) can be checked into the onboard nursery as well. But, there is a small fee (I believe we paid $9 per hour in 2014).

oceaneer lab on Disney Cruise Line | Global Munchkins

  • This means grown ups get ALONE TIME!!!! There are adult only areas onboard the ship as well as a few clubs. It was heavenly to steal my hubby away for a cup of fancy coffee, to lounge at the adult pool or hit the comedy clubs. For me, this is a HUGE benefit!!

Couple on Disney Cruise | Global Munchkins

Available Activities/ Entertainment-

  • WDW– Clearly Disney World takes the cake on this one. I mean there is SO much to do. In fact, it is impossible to hit every ride, show, and attraction. Trust me, we’ve tried! So, if you are a thrill-seeking family you can be guaranteed to get your rush in the parks. And, because of the sheer amount of things to do there is also a ton of variety and many things to do for each age group.

    Multi-Cultural Family getting a Photo with Mickey at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Disneyworld #DisneySMMC | Global Munchkins

  •  Little ones love all the character meet-ups, watching the incredible parades and fireworks.Ariel in Parade at Disneyworld | Global Munchkins
  •  Older kids dig hitting up the rides. A few of our favorite rides include Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train, The Little Mermaid Ride, Space Mountain and Dumbo at the Magic Kingdom. At the Animal Kingdom we always head to Everest, Kali River Rapids, the Safari Ride and Dinosaur. Epcot has Olivia (my 3-year-old’s) favorite which is the NEW Frozen ride, we also love Test Track and Soarin. And, at Hollywood Studios we love riding Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania.

    Mouse ears- siblings at Disneyworld

    Scenic Shot of the Thunder Mountain ride at Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld | Global Munchkins

  • Our kids also love heading around the world at Epcot. They love trying all the different cultural foods and chatting with the cast members, all of whom are actually from the country they represent. A great FREE activity at Epcot is decorating your Duffy Bear as you go around the world. The kids love finding the Kidcot coloring station so that they can finish coloring their bear and collect their country stamp. If you ask the cast member there they will also write your child’s name on the back of their Duffy Bear in their native language.

Girl with her mask at Epcot, Disneyworld.

  • And, Disney just re-did the Down Town Disney District and turned it into Disney Springs which is a gorgeous outdoor mall with tons of amazing shops (many big brands) and a bunch of incredible restaurants. It’s one of my new favorite places in Disney World!

Amphicars at Disney Springs | Global Munchkins

  • CRUISE– The cruise is also filled with super fun family activities just not nearly as many. However, the kids will LOVE the amazing waterslides, splash areas, nightly shows, character meet ups and hanging out in the kids club.

Little girl taking picture with Cinderella on board Disney Cruise Line | Global Munchkins

  • Plus, when the ship ports in Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) there is even more to do!!
    Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Line's Private Island | Global Munchkins

    Mom with adopted son and daughter in water at Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Line's Private Island | Global Munchkins

  • There is also a Pirate Night onboard every Disney Cruise and people go ALL OUT!!! The kids have a blast at the special pirate-themed dinner, show, fireworks and midnight buffet.Pirate Themed Night on Disney Cruise Line | Global Munchkins

Dining Options-

  • WDW– Walt Disney World is full of every type of eatery and about every type of cuisine that there is. It’s truly a mecca of good foodie-ness. Whether you are in the mood for something casual, a meal with your favorite characters, or an intimate and unique dining experience you are sure to find it at Disney World. But, the prices do add up especially if you hit the later two. Luckily, WDW offers Dining Plans to suit your needs. When the kids were young we loved the standard dining plan because we hit up a lot of character meals. However, more recently we have been choosing the quick service plan because the kids prefer eating quick and hitting up more rides. For more information on the 2017 Disney Dining Plan see this post from Disney Tourist Blog.

The New Disney Springs formerly Downtown Disney in Orlando | Global Munchkins

Enjoying a character breakfast at Disneyworld with Goofy

  • CRUISE– Onboard the Disney Cruise your food, snacks, juices, milk, tea, coffee AND SODA (typically you have to buy a separate soda package on cruises) have already been wrapped into the price of your cruise. And, there is food everywhere onboard! Plus, lunch is included on Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) too! (Read about the other cruise lines we’ve cruised with here).
  • The ease of not having to decide on dinner every night is one of my favorite features. I don’t know how that conversation goes in your house, but in ours, someone is always unhappy about not getting their way- ugh!
  • Another thing that is unique to Disney is that you get to rotate restaurants each evening, but your waitstaff stays with you. The benefit is that the waitstaff gets to know your kids, your drink orders, allergies etc… Making each night a breeze.

Waiter making a big Minnie Bow for little girl at dining table onboard Disney Cruise Line | Global Munchkins

  • And, because cruises are ALL YOU CAN EAT, you can order as much as you want! This comes in handy when you are feeding active boys who seem to never get enough to eat- ha! It also means you can treat the kids to ice cream cones every night without breaking the bank. It will earn you some awesome brownie points!

Father and Daughter laughing and eating ice cream on Disney Cruise Line- Global Munchkins

  • FREE Room Service is another super fun thing, at least in our family. The kids get a kick out of ordering things like hot cocoa and Mickey ice cream bars. I love having my morning coffee arrive as soon as I wake up as well as being able to get the baby milk when she needs it.

Planning/ Booking-

  • WDW– Planning a trip to Walt Disney World takes a lot of research as there are so many options. You need to choose whether you are staying on or off property. Which park passes to purchase. Whether or not you want to add the dining plan to your package and more!
  • Then you literally have to set reminders on your phone and wake up insanely early to jump online and book your restaurant reservations (180 days in advance) and fast pass reservations (60 days in advance if staying at a Disney hotel or 30 with a park ticket). It can be a bit daunting especially your first go round.

Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld | Global Munchkins

Snorkeling Family at Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Line's Private Island | Global Munchkins


  • No matter whether you choose to book a Walt Disney World Vacation or a Disney Cruise, spring break, summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all going to be the busiest and most expensive times to travel. So, if you can avoid those times. You also want to check the weather because July can be VERY wet!

Transracial adoptive family in ponchos at Disneyworld

  • You can calculate your WDW costs here and you can log online here to check Disney Cruise pricing.
  • Disney also has great vacation planning videos to help you here.
  • We did a side by side comparison of both our WDW and Disney Cruise trips the costs per day were pretty even. The main difference was the cruise was paid for upfront and WDW the costs snuck up a little more during our travels. So, where initially we thought the parks were cheaper it turned out they were not. However, because of different pricing structures that are seasonal and promotions being run it is really hard to nail down which is cheaper.

Dragon blowing fire at Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld | Global Munchkins

  • WDW– may seem less initially as you only pay for hotel and park passes upfront (and possibly dining if you add it to your package). But, beware of how fast extra splurges add up, especially if you are NOT on a dining plan. For example, those macarons below were $9.00.Macaroon pack from France in Epcot at Disneyworld | Global Munchkins
  • CRUISE– The upfront cost can be a hard one to swallow. But, when you really price out everything it includes it winds up being about the same as a vacation at Disney World.

Getting ready to board Disney Cruise Ship | Global Munchkins

Tips to Help Save You $$$-

  • WDW– Below you will find some of my best tips for saving money on your Disney World Vacation.
  • Watch for promos. There is one in particular that Disney has been running the past few years that I love. It is a package deal that usually comes out right after summer, where you purchase your hotel and park tickets through Disney and they throw in the dining plan FREE! It provides a huge savings as the adult dining plan costs about $67 per day and the kids plan runs around $24.
  • Another route is by renting Disney Vacation Club points from a member like me on sites like DVC Rental Store and DVC Request. Villas also offer conveniences like fridge, microwave etc… which allows you to save on meals too.
  • Staying off property is often cheaper as well. Read why my friend at Luxe Recess loves staying at the luxury hotels off-property here.
  • You can also save quite a bit by avoiding park hopper passes and instead choosing the one park per day option.
  • Packing snacks and eating in some meals like quick breakfasts can help curb costs as well.
  • Planning off-days, where you stay at the hotel and explore Disney Springs versus head into a park, also limits how many days you will need passes for. It also slows the pace down which is nice!
  • Skipping the soda and opting for the free iced tap water available all around Disney parks and resorts is a great choice for your pocketbook and your waistline too!
  • Always check your memberships for discounted tickets. Military, AAA, AARP and D23 fans have all been known to receive discounted theme park passes. Costco also often has discounted Disney Gift Cards at discounted rates. Or sometimes they have gift cards to restaurants like Rainforest Cafe too.
  • Save on photos by asking the Disney Photographer, kindly, to take a pic with your own camera or cell phone.
  • Skip the rental car and use WDW FREE Transportation to and from the resorts/ parks/ and Disney Springs.
  • Click the banner below for more WDW Tips & Tricks!

  • CRUISE– There are some basic things you can do to save money on your Disney Cruise. Here are the ones I recommend.
  • Book early, about 12-18 months in advance for the best pricing. You also save be re-booking your next cruise while you are onboard too!
  • Book late, yup I know that is exactly the opposite. But, you should check for last minute deals bc they can be a steal!
  • Use a travel agent, they can actually SAVE you money and provide you with other perks.
  • If you are flexible or are feeling lucky, a great option is to book a guaranteed space. It means you can pick the category but not the actual cabins and it can save you tons. We’ve always still received great rooms, even rooms that are connecting, although they can’t guarantee that. We saved about $2,500 doing that on our upcoming trip!
  • Save on transfers! Disney charges something like $70 pp round trip from the airport to Port Canaveral. Local companies charge about $250 for up to 7 people. So, if you have a large family make sure to check into getting your own transport. Or what we have been doing the last few times is using Uber.

Trying to decide- Disney Cruise vs Disney World? Learn the pros and cons of both to help you make a well informed decision on which Disney Vacation is BEST for your family. Plus, learn how to save $$ on both.

Take Aways-

No matter which Disney Vacation you choose, you are sure to have a magical experience you won’t soon forget. I think the main difference is going to be in pace. If you are a thrill-seeking family who loves being super active I think a Disneyworld vacation is the way to go. If you are truly looking for a getaway where you can sit back & relax? If so, a Disney Cruise would be a perfect fit!

Have more questions, still not sure which to choose? Simply leave me a comment below with your question or email me at amberm@globalmunchkins.com and I will be happy to help you.

Which Disney Vacation would You Choose?

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