Appreciating my Sister- Gratefulness Challenge

Gratefulness Challenge | Grateful for my sister | Global Munchkins

52 Week Gratefulness Challenge- Family Member

There are 14 years between my little sister and myself. For most of my life I have felt more like an aunt or cousin than a sister. However, since my sister left to college and my parents went to live temporarily in Shanghai China we have started to become very close. It’s amazing how age gaps fade as the years go by. My little sister is an adult now and she is making her way to becoming one of my greatest confidants and best friends and I am unequivocally grateful to have her in my life!

Gratefulness Challenge | Grateful for my sister | Global Munchkins

Having someone to share in life’s big and little moments is SO important. I feel it is vital to our well being to be surrounded by unconditional love. I know some people find this through friendships but I feel there is a deeper connection with your own kin. People always told me someday Emily and I would be close. I agreed but didn’t think much of it. Sure, we’d be close- we’re family I would think.

Gratefulness Challenge | Grateful for my sister | Global Munchkins

Now I realize that the sisterhood bond is much more than just “CLOSE”. The best way I can describe it is through these analogies: having her is like being clothed in a warm blanket on a cold winters night. She’s like your favorite book… the one where you can recite the words from memory. Or like the stepping stones that help you across a rushing current. I think Victor Hugo put it brilliantly in “Les Miserables”:

Victor Hugo's Les Misérables quotes about sisters source

Currently, my sister lives in Prague. She is studying abroad this semester and I am SO proud of the brave person she has become. She is one of the most intelligent, beautiful, confident and kind hearted people that I know. I am missing her a ton but also super excited to go and visit her this spring. I know this upcoming trip will be a great time for us to bond. For most of her life I have been tied down with my family. You see I had my first son when she was a little sprout like 5-6 years old. And, since then I have had 4 more children enter my family. She grew up with a ghost sister practically. But, now as my kids grow and as she enters adulthood its the perfect time for us to make up for lost time. I figure I better grab her know before she’s tied down with a husband and kids right 😉

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Do you have a sister?

What family member you are grateful for?



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