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As with most people better health is on the top of my New Year’s Resolutions. I have tried many programs in my 33 years and what I have found is this: a commitment to diet and exercise are the key!

Easier said then done however, right? In order to stay on track you need a system. Meal prepping, make a list of healthy food you can grab on the go and filling the house with healthy foods are my go to vices. So, when I was approached to review the new Bulu Box- a health based subscription service I was all over it.

Bulu Box Review | Global Munchkins

Bulu Box

I chose Bulu Boxes “Weight Loss” plan because after the past year of travels + the holidays lets be honest. I definitely could use shedding a few lbs 🙂

I was thrilled to receive my bright orange box and couldn’t wait to get started. There is just something so fun about receiving packages. I opened the box and found 6 samples plus an exclusive offer from My Yoga Works.

Most of the samples were perfect on the go snacks. Anytime I would rush out to run an errand I would grab a new treat out of my Bulu Box. Not only was it incredibly convenient but I feel the element of newness and surprise gave me something to look forward to and helped me stick to my healthy diet.

Here is a list of what was inside:

Fru-Licious Twists, Erzo Vitamin Biscuit, wojoENERGY, SmashPack, MHP Fit & Lean Protein Brownie & a BONUS sample of Westrock Coffee K-Cup.

Bulu Box Review | Global Munchkins


I am happy to report that 4 out of the 6 samples were great!

A healthy snack that tastes and looks like candy- Yes please! Is what I loved about the Fru-Licious Twists. The purple licorice looking snack is made up of 99% real fruit ingredients and with no added sugar or artificial ingredients they would be perfect for the munchkins lunchboxes.

The vitamin biscuits tasted like honey graham crackers- one of my all time favorite snacks. They were loaded with vitamins, 100% whole organic grains and a great source of fiber.

I am not a huge fan of energy supplements mostly because I think I don’t fully understand them so the wojoENERGY sample is not something I would purchase on my own.

The SmashPack surprised me. I grabbed it not thinking much of it. I needed something high in protein and I saw that it was 15 grams and so it worked. Boy, was I surprised when it tasted like a yummy fruity pudding. This would be a great one to throw in the travel bag before heading out on a flight. I am always craving something fruity in the sky.

The brownie probably let me down the most. I am a huge chocolate lover and the calories and protein count looked perfect. Maybe it was my build up and anticipation for a real treat but I felt the flavor fell flat and the texture was classic protein bar which I am not a fan of.

Bulu Box Review | Global Munchkinssource

Lastly, the BONUS sample of Westrock coffee was a big hit for me. I am a coffee snob and normally only use a french press and freshly ground beans so boy was I surprised when I popped this K cup in at my sister in laws house over the holidays. Flavor country!!! I also love that they are a farmer focused company deriving beans from East Africa. My son being from that area makes me appreciate what they are doing to help build the lives of farmers in East Africa.

Just take a look at what they say on their website:

“Westrock Coffee links community to community. Our drive is to be a catalyst for real change in the lives of farmers and their families, through honest, direct trade with transparency at every stage in the supply chain, from crop to cup. The end result is strong, sustainable growth at origin and a quality product for our customers.”

Overall Thoughts

Bulu Box is a fun way to try out new products that help you stay motivated to stick to your health goals. I like that you can purchase samples you liked right from the Bulu Box store. And, by simply reviewing your box they give you $5 towards their store too!

The Bulu Box costs $10 per box and the median cost per product I received makes that a good value. Try it for yourself and use the coupon code provided for my readers and the value is even greater!

Try it Yourself

Get a 3 Month Subscription for just $15 (regularly $30)! at Bulu Box – Use code WOWZA

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