5 Simple Habits for Empowering Your Daughter

5 Simple Habits for Empowering Your Daughter

Every mother wants her daughter to realize the extraordinary things she is capable of. But, did you know there are certain activities you can do with your daughter in order to help cultivate a spirit of determination, dedication, and courage? These 5 simple habits will empower your daughter to reach for the stars. Try incorporating some of these habits in your daughter’s routine today using toys from Disney’s new live-action film, Beauty and the Beast available at Toys”R”Us.


1) Expose your daughters to strong female role models. 

There are so many incredible women today achieving amazing accomplishments in things they are passionate about. Seek out these types of women in real life, on screen and online. One such example would be Disney’s new Live Action film, Beauty and the Beast. Belle (played by Emma Watson) is an incredible heroine. She defies stereotypes, chases her dreams, is brave, and she believes in herself.

2) Use play to discuss positive self-esteem

Not only is playing fun, it is also an amazing opportunity to guide certain conversations with your kids. My daughters and I recently sat down to play with the new Disney Beauty and the Beast toys. As we discussed, Belle’s character is a fantastic role model and a woman who has amazing self-esteem. I mean, the girl turns down the neighborhood hunk, who treats her like a possession, and she is passionate about reading even though her town frowned upon it. Talk about independent! During our playtime, I made sure to highlight Belle’s boldness. Encouraging my daughter’s to emulate Belle’s confidence in their own lives.


3) Focus on the importance of intelligence + hard work ethic

Unfortunately, there is still quite a bit of pressure put on women to value themselves based on their beauty. Help your daughter realize that intelligence and a hard work ethic are two areas that can really propel her to do anything she sets her mind to. You can do this while you play for example, my girls and I discussed what an amazing reader Belle was and how reading can help teach you anything you want to know.

Another way to help your daughter understand this concept is to demonstrate it. Instead of complimenting your daughter on her looks, try finding ways to praise her for a job well done, her academic accomplishments, and her ability to think for herself.

4) Encourage your daughter to try new things

We develop confidence when we master new things. Help your daughter step outside of her box by encouraging her to take on a new skill. It could be trying a new sport, conquering a fear or volunteering to help someone in need. Belle’s character in Disney’s new live-action film, Beauty and the Beast, is an inventor. You can relate Belle’s willingness to explore new ideas to help spark your own little inventor.

5) Actively ask for your daughter’s opinion

Help your daughter realize she has a voice by soliciting her opinion on topics from her favorite food to politics, or ask how she felt when the people in the town scoffed at Belle’s love of reading. Respect what she has to say, but don’t be afraid to challenge her if you disagree. Putting her in the position to defend her beliefs will help her develop confidence.

I cannot wait to head to the theaters to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Belle is such an incredible role model for our girls and these new toys from Toys”R”Us make it so fun to help encourage our daughters to be more like her. Find all of the Beauty and the Beast Live Action toys at Toys”R”Us.


Which of Belle’s characteristics do you think is most empowering to young girls?


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