Mentor- 52 Weeks of Gratefulness Challenge

Waking up each morning with a grateful heart has been SO life changing. It is amazing at how different you see the world when you don’t take the little things for granted.

Mentor- 52 Weeks of Gratefulness Challenge

This week the focus was on a mentor. What I realized though after thinking a bit is that I don’t have just one mentor to be grateful for. I have many. Some I have known very well, some only came into my life for a moment and others I have never met. Yet, each of these mentors whether they realize or not has deeply affected my life. I have narrowed it down to the most important mentors in my life.

My Mom

Calm, patient, loving and undeniably my biggest ally in life is my mom. She is the absolute vision of what a mother should be. The gift of having such an amazing mentor to guide me through my entire life is pretty exceptional and I am SO grateful for that gift. There is no way I could have raised my children, started multiple businesses and kept my sanity without this woman. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel unwavering gratitude for my mom. I hope to be that kind of person for my children as they grow.

Mr. Swanson

My 10th grade history teacher was one of those people who although was only in my life for a very short period in time, still managed to make a deep impact. Mr. Swanson was real. You could tell by the way he spoke to us with passion not only about history but about life. He cared and he believed in each one of his students. Mr. Swanson made me believe I could go to college, I could find a career I was passionate about and I could be successful.

I remember one morning we came in and he was visibly upset. He took us out to the field and had us stare at the sky. He had lost someone dear to him and he wanted us to remember that life is a gift. That is could be taken from us at any moment and so we have to live and love NOW. As simple as his message was it stuck with me. And, I followed his advice to a “T”. And, it was some GREAT advice.

Melissa Fay Greene

Trying to figure out life as an adoptive mother has been a HUGE challenge for me. Where most things in life come pretty easy for me this is the exception. Reading several books from Melissa Fay Greene allowed me to define myself. To figure out this whole parenting situation with biological and adoptive children in the house. Hearing her humorous stories as well as some of her challenges was refreshing. Even though she has never met me and doesn’t know a thing about my life she made a difference. She was a mentor through her ability to share her experiences and for that I am grateful.

Is there someone in your life who was a mentor to you? Someone who made a difference in your life?

Take the time today to think about them… to be grateful for them.

Then join me in my 52 Week Gratefulness Challenge


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