Packing List for Europe- Spring in a Carry On


You guys I am SOOOO stoked. I hop on a jet plane tomorrow headed to Prague to visit my baby sister who is there studying abroad. This will be the FIRST TIME I EVER leave both my hubby and all 5 munchkins behind which is incredibly bittersweet. I’m packing extra tissues because I am sure to bawl my eyes out for a good portion of the flight 🙁

At the same time I can’t help but think about how huge this is for me. An opportunity to get a break from motherhood + the responsibilities of being a wife. Both of which I have done since I was just 20 years old.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel super grateful to have met the man of my dreams early on in life and, being a young mother has been an incredible experience. But, with that said I do think the idea of self care is incredibly important. It allows us to relax, reflect and recharge. All of which I am SO excited to do with my sister.

Packing List for Europe- Spring in a Carry On

Which brings me to my point. Packing for 10 days in Europe in only a small carry on. Can you do it? I did and here is how…

First I went pin crazy. I am terrible at putting together capsule wardrobes so I go straight to the experts and copy them. Here is some of the inspiration that I found:

10 Trendy Outfits:

I love the way she paired casual and trendy by swapping in accessories.

10 Days Days worth of outfits for a fall vacation packing list. The entire list is on the blog. #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travelwardrobe:


10 Adorable Outfits with just 20 Items:

This one looks most like the bag that I packed. Except I leave my wedges at home. I have found the cobblestone is not very forgiving to a woman in heels.

Packing List - 2 weeks in a carryon:

Capsule Style-

This helped me pack for the warmer weather I expect on our short jaunt to Rome.

*favorite* Summer Capsule Wardrobe (straight from her board). Great article with links.: Pretty awesome right. Like they say, “why re-invent the wheel.” Go a little pin crazy. After you have found your inspiration follow these easy steps:

  • Scour your closet- you will be shocked by how much is in there I promise.
  • Purchase needed items- head to Nordstrom’s Rack, H&M or Target to pick up any items you still need while on a budget.
  • Have a Fashion Show- try on everything. Find as many combinations you can make out of the least amount of pieces.
  • Lay everything out- then 24 hours later go through and take out anything you feel you don’t REALLY need. Be really strict with yourself here, less IS more!!!
  • Then pack.

Here is a quick video that talk about my Favorite Packing Hacks:

Using the above methods I successfully packed my entire wardrobe in my carry on suitcase.

I filled my backpack with my laptop, camera, chargers, universal adapter, passport, copies of all my travel reservations and my cross body travel purse. And, now I am good to go!!

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