3 Reasons to Visit Medellin this Christmas

Incredible holiday lights, over 31 million, in Medellin Colombia

There is a secret that Latin America has been keeping from us and that is the incredible Christmas time celebration that happens in Medellin, Colombia each year. Here you will find millions of lights, one of the hottest new up-and-coming culinary scenes and a vast array of activities at very affordable prices. This vibrant Colombian city should definitely be on your holiday bucket list.

3 Reasons to Visit Medellin this Christmas

Beautiful city of Medellin in Colombia

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Traveling to Colombia and particularly through Medellin had been something folks avoided back in the 1980’s and 90’s due to drug trafficking. But, by the looks of it today you would never guess that was their past. Now, Medellin is a travelers dream. The city is set in a lush valley surrounded by emerald mountains, there is an excellent transportation system thanks to the metro that was built in the late nineties, and the gondolas that were built to connect the hillside towns to the city. Travel here is very safe. The Department of State had this to say on their website, “Tens of thousands of U.S. citizens safely visit Colombia each year for tourism, business, university studies, and volunteer work. Security in Colombia has improved significantly in recent years, including in tourist and business travel destinations such as Bogota, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin, and Cali.”

Amazing gondola transportation system

While Medellin is a great year round destination, clearly tourists looking for something new to do around the holidays should really take note of what this great city has to offer. The lights and celebrations begin November 30th and usually last until the beginning of January. Below are my top 3 reasons you should visit Medellin this winter.

Incredible holiday lights, over 31 million, in Medellin Colombiacreative commons

1 Incredible Spectacle of Lights

Each winter the city of Medellin transforms into a holiday spectacular with over 31 million led lights and over 42,000 figures. What makes this spectacle even more incredible is the fact that the city comes up with a new theme each year!

16566579952_4754225aaacreative commons

The festival is known to locals as the Alumbrados EPM (EPM Lights) because the lights are designed and sponsored by the city’s public utilities company Empresas Publicas de Medellin. Other fun facts include the fact that Medellin is the only city in South America that is part of the assembly of illuminated cities of the world – LUCI- (Lighting Urban Community International).

lilycreative commons

2 One of the Hottest Culinary Scenes in Latin America

As if, 31 million lights wasn’t reason enough to visit Medellin. The chefs here have been pushing the envelopes turning Medellin into one of the hottest culinary scenes in Latin America. Many of the newer restaurants are chef owned and operated which allows for menus to be refreshed frequently with new items.

Check out the incredible festival of lights in Medellin Colombia that comes every winter.

While in Medellin make sure you sample some of the local cuisines like the mouthwatering Bandeja Paisa (pork rinds, fried plantain, rice, beef, beans, and ground beef) and mondongo (tripe stew).

Gastronomy at its best at El Cielo in Colombia.source

One restaurant you definitely won’t want to miss out on is El Cielo. This restaurant is known for their incredible molecular dining experience. On the menu, instead of finding a list of entrees you will see a choice of either 11 or 20 moments. Moments consist mainly of small plates of single serving dishes made exquisitely and presented in the most creative ways. But, there are also some tiny surprises like a dehydrated towel in the form of a tablet that you soak in water to wash your hands with at the beginning of the meal and the rose petals to help soften your skin. This is definitely a restaurant experience that you won’t soon forget.

3 It’s Totally Affordable

There are not very many destinations one can travel to where top hotels book at around $75-100 a night, once in a lifetime restaurant experiences (like the 20-moment meal at El Cielo) cost around $50 per person, and they also offer such incredible sights like the EPM lights. Plus, traveling to Medellin is easier than you think. It’s only a 3-hour flight from Miami.

Fun murals in Medellin in Colombia

It is easy to see why heading to Medellin is an excellent idea this holiday season. Especially, before the secret gets out and those prices soar!

Gorgeous architecture in Medellin

Learn more about visiting Medellin or get started planning your trip by clicking here. Medellin also has an app available on Google Play- http://bit.ly/1YZba4R

Would you be more excited about the lights or the food?

(tough choice, I know)

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Medellin Colombia boasts an incredible holiday light spectacular but that is not the only reason you will want to visit this amazing, budget friendly destination

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