7 Incredible Things to Know About Antelope Canyon Tours

Antelope Canyon is one of nature’s most beautiful creations. You’ve probably already seen at least one photo of the canyon. The light flowing down the red canyon walls, the soft sand, the narrow, winding passageways, it is simply incredible. Carved out over thousands of years by monsoon season flash floods. It is a great place to vacation and make countless memories with your loved ones. This once little-known region of northern Arizona is now a top must-see for any trip to the Southwest. Here are 7 Incredible Things to Know About Antelope Canyon Tours.

Antelope Canyon Tour

7 Incredible Things to Know About Antelope Canyon Tours

Located just a few hours from the Grand Canyon and right outside Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon sits within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation. The canyon consists of two main sections – Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon.

Visiting Antelope Canyon is only possible by guided tour. The canyon is still prone to occasional flash floods and tour operators have taken a number of measures to protect guests. Tours are mandatory for all areas of Antelope Canyon and do book up in advance.

Thankfully, this is a place where having a guide makes the experience even more incredible. Don’t believe us? Check out these great Antelope Canyon tour benefits.

Navajo Guides

Located within the Navajo Nation, Antelope Canyon tours are a great way to experience the canyons but also to learn a bit more about Navajo history, culture, and traditions.

Many Antelope Canyon tour guides were born and raised on the Navajo Nation. You’ll be able to hear the stories of the canyon from the people who call this region home.

The Navajo have their own names for the region, which you’ll learn as well.

Tsé bighánílíní, the name for Upper Antelope Canyon. It literally means “the place where water runs through rocks.” Lower Antelope Canyon is called Hazdistazí or Hasdestwazi, which means “spiral rock arches” in the Navajo language.

Besides learning how to pronounce the native names of the canyon, you’ll also hear stories passed down in the Navajo culture. Depending on your tour guide, you will sometimes even have an opportunity to hear the beautiful sound of a Navajo flute echoing off the canyon walls.

Antelope Canyon Tours

Family Friendly

Many a time when we traveled, we could not find a tour that would accompany babies, and since we have so many kids, we often had babies. Not only is the Antelope Canyon region gorgeous, it is also very accessible for families. Many Antelope Canyon tours are family friendly. Depending on the tour, there are options for families with infants. 

Children ages 0-7 are usually free but Antelope Canyon tour companies still require a reservation for children. This is to ensure space for the children both on the tour and in the tour vehicles. If your child is still in a car seat, you will need to bring it along. There are limited spaces for car seats in the tour vehicles. Often times, when booking a tour, you will be unable to book a 0-7 child’s seat if available car seat spaces have already been filled.

For families with young children, an Upper Antelope Canyon tour is usually recommended. This section of the canyon is flat and even, without stairs, and only about 100 yards total of walking. Lower Antelope Canyon is also open to families. It does have a number of sections with narrow stairs and a few sections which require climbing across small boulders.

All ages are welcome. Older children are more likely to appreciate the full beauty and wonder of the experience.

Something For Everyone

Not only are Antelope Canyon tours open to the whole family, they are also sure to have something for every family member.

Antelope Canyon is obviously an incredible place for any nature lover. Hiking through the canyons is a chance to see a wonderfully unique part of the Arizona landscape.

History lovers will enjoy the stories from the guides. If you have anyone in your tour group with a love of geography, they will be in heaven.

The Navajo guides are sure to incorporate some culturally interesting facts. Antelope Canyon is a photographer’s dream.

Most tours are short, around two hours, and between the beautiful canyon itself and the great guides. It is almost guaranteed to keep the whole family interested.

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Antelope Canyon Tours

A Photographer’s Dream

While all Antelope Canyon tours give you a chance to see the beauty of the canyon, for anyone with a serious interest in photography, there are a number of specialty photography tours available as well.

It is really the incredible light here that has allowed Antelope Canyon to become the bucket list item it has over the last few years. Photographed by many famous photographers from around the world, the flowing light spilling into the canyon and bouncing off the red walls creates a truly magical image.

Antelope Canyon photography tours are really designed for serious photographers. Guides on any tour group are happy to help even the amateur photographers among us find the perfect light. They are usually even happy to help with framing. They all know the best camera settings for the unique reflective lighting of the canyon itself.

Waterside Options

Most Antelope Canyon tours walk along the dry canyon floor, carved out by thousands of years of flash floods. A number of Antelope Canyon tour companies offer tours of the waterside of the canyon.

Located just a few miles from the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon is one of the Southwest’s most important water sources – Lake Powell. Water flowing through the area’s canyons end up here.

Antelope Canyon boat tours allow you to see the canyons in a new light and are a great option if the tours of Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon are booked up during your visit.

In addition to boat tours, you can also rent kayaks, and even paddleboards to explore the waterside canyon as well.

Year-Round Beauty

Antelope Canyon tours are run year round, offering visitors to the region a chance to see the beauty of the canyon no matter when they visit.

During the summer months, light in the canyon, especially the Upper Antelope Canyon, is at its peak. Photographers flock to the canyon and even on the hottest summer days, you’ll find booked up tours.

The spring and fall months offer a more delicate, muted lighting but also more enjoyable temperatures.

Winter tours in the Antelope Canyon will usually be less crowded. A visit during this time can also sometimes come with the rare opportunity to see the canyon dusted with snow.

Antelope Canyon and Beyond

One of the most wonderful things about Antelope Canyon is how close it is to the rest of the must-see sights in the Southwest.

Antelope Canyon tours not only cover the canyon itself but also close by natural wonders as well. If you have a full day, check out the Antelope Canyon combination tours.

Spend the morning in Antelope Canyon and head to Horseshoe Bend or Lake Powell in the afternoon. Some tour companies offer as many as three tours in one. They range from boat canyon trips to more advanced hiking.

There are even opportunities to visit Antelope Canyon via a day tour from the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas!

No matter the Antelope Canyon tour you choose, you are sure to leave not only with some great photos but a truly magical experience.

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Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA


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