Beachside Fun! The Best Things to Do in Oceanside California!

Right outside of San Diego, you will find one of the busiest and most visited cities in Southern California. Oceanside is a rather larger city that boasts pristine oceans you’ll want to drive right into, plenty of nightlife for the college kids, and lots of shopping and other adventures that you don’t want to miss out. Our family heads down at least once a year to enjoy a beautiful beach day in Oceanside. Recently we spent a weekend and discovered some of the Best Things to Do in Oceanside California + some are FREE!

Oceanside Pier (Free!)

things to do in Oceanside - Pier

The highlight of Oceanside, California is the Oceanside Pier. This hotspot is regularly visited by locals and tourists alike. With a convenient store halfway down the lengthy wooden pier, you can buy everything you need to enjoy an outing by the ocean. Fishing poles, bait, snacks, and drinks are all readily available at this handy shack, so you can snack on the benches or try your luck at catching some bait.

Feeling hungry and want to enjoy the view? Head down to the end of the pier and you’ll catch up on Ruby’s diner. This delectable 50s style diner has plenty of delicious foods like burgers and shakes, with a theme that will bring you right back to 1951. Located right on the ocean, you will have distinct and beautiful views of the ocean while you dine. Perfection!

Oceanside Sunset Market (Free!)

Oceanside Sunset Market

Good food, good tunes, and good people? That’s all you will find at the Oceanside Sunset Market.

If you’re craving something unique to Oceanside, California that will bring you the amazing taste of homemade Mexican, Thai, and other foreign foods combined with music that touches the heart and brings out your inner artist, then you want to check out this market. You’re bound to find something you will enjoy, so make sure you’re there every Thursday from 5pm to 9pm.

Mission San Luis Ray

Things to do in Oceanside

If your trip to Oceanside is in need of a little historical refinement, you will want to take a look at the ‘Mission San Luis Ray’. This historic hotspot was founded all the way back in 1798 and still stands strong in Oceanside, being named the ‘King of the Missions’. The historical landmark is the largest of all 21 California mission, loaded start to finish with Franciscan Friars and plenty of hospitality.

This historic church and museum is available to the public daily. They also offer overnight programs for those who are in seek of a renewal in their faith.

Beach House Winery

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Sophistication is the name of the game when it comes to the Beach House Winery. This tourist hotspot is noted for their astounding views of San Diego County and the beloved ocean, while offering wines that hit the spot every time.

Their wide selection of fine wines will bring any wine lover to all new heights of taste and experience. Known as the first ‘Vineyard at the Sea’, it would be a crime for any wine lover NOT to visit this legendary area.

Black Plague Brewery

Black Plague Brewery

Beer lovers everywhere have touted this as the ‘best brewery in Southern California’. Not only is the decor awesome and not for the faint of heart, but the overall theme and presence of this brewery makes it a local hotspot that has tourists and locals enthralled every time they come for a visit.

When you come to the Black Plague Brewery you can expect three things: a theme that’s a dark and suspicious, but totally cool and inviting, a good time with friends as you enjoy live events, and craft beers that is truly brewed for perfection.

Some of the varieties of beer you will find at the Black Plague Brewery include: ‘End of Thyme’, which is a Saison beer, ‘The Offering’ which is a Hazy IPA, and ‘Black Light’ which is a Pilsner. With names as intense as these, you can expect a flavor that is just as exciting.

Legacy Brewing Company

Looking for a bit more of a laid back and relaxing atmosphere while you sip on some brews? Then Legacy Brewing Company is your answer.

This amazing location provides their drinkers with some craft brews that are undoubtedly tasty. From subtle pumpkin brews to more extravagant guava flavors, you can expect to see a humungous variety of flavors that will appease any taste buds.

Aside from their assortment of delicious brews, you can expect the atmosphere to be calm and welcoming. You are able to feel the ocean breeze as you sit back and relax in the facility, ordering up a taste testing platter that has a lovely assortment of beer flavors to test drive.

Oceanside Indoor Skydiving Experience

indoor skydiving oceanside

Thrill seekers are going to love this next hotspot!

The Oceanside Indoor Skydiving Experience is the one and only spot to hit if you want to enjoy the thrills of falling from the sky- without the plane, that is. The iFly wind tunnel found in this establishment gives you the ability to jump without having to be connected to an instructor, which is something most other skydiving places will require you to do.

At this facility you can engage in an authentic experience as if you really were falling from the sky. The winds can reach anywhere from 130 miles per hour to a whopping 175 miles per hour, which is truly outstanding.

But you don’t have to be a thrill seeker to enjoy this experience. It’s also a family-friend facility that will allow children as young as three years old to take their shot at skydiving. Of course it’s toned down for tiny jumpers, and sure to be a fun family experience! Check out iFly Indoor Skydiving Here!


The Oceanside Coaster Train Ride

coaster san diego

When it comes to traveling through Oceanside, you don’t want to use your car; not when there is the Oceanside Coaster right there!

The Oceanside Coaster is a unique train that can help you travel through not only Oceanside, but other parts of San Diego as well. People choose the Oceanside Coaster for its breathtaking views of the cities and ocean, and its overall convenience from going location to location. We often take the coaster from Oceanside right into Downtown San Diego for a baseball game. It is super fun with the kids

Harbor Beach (Free!)

things to do in carlsbad - beaches

The most sought after beach in Oceanside is undoubtedly Harbor Beach. Here you have the ability to walk under a bride right up to the ocean, where you can lay back, relax, and get a generous tan, or take a long walk along the oceans shore.


The appearance of this ocean is truly astounding. Crystal clear with beautiful waves splashing in every couple of minutes, perfect for surfers to enjoy. It is also in close proximity to Harbor Village Shops, which means when you’re ready for a break from the surf, sun, and sand, you can find some amazing finds in one of the unique shops downtown.


There’s a reason Oceanside, California is a top place for tourists. There’s an exciting selection of nightlife. Fun activities and tasty craft breweries, plus and ocean that is highly intriguing to the eye.  Overall its an enjoyable experience for anyone who crosses its path. Relax on the beach or try a hand at fishing. Or go crazy at the Skydiving Experience to satisfy your craving for thrills. There’s so much to do, you’re bound to have an enchanting time in Oceanside.

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