15 Unique Disney Fish Extender Options For Your Next Disney Cruise

15 Cute & Creative Disney Cruise Fish Extenders

Whether you’re about to set sail on your very first Disney Cruise or you and your family are seasoned veterans, there always seem to be products you didn’t know you needed before every trip!  If you’ve been on a DCL sailing previously, you’ve probably seen themed strips of fabric featuring several pockets hanging from the fish above staterooms’ room numbers. These are fish extenders and they are so much fun. We noticed these cloth thingamajigs hanging off doors on our Disney Magic cruise and after a couple more Disney cruises, we decided to give it a shot.

The Disney Fantasy docks at Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in the tropical waters of the Bahamas, reserved exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests. In a setting of crystal-clear turquoise waters, powdery white-sand beaches and lush landscapes, the 1,000-acre island offers one-of-a-kind areas and activities for every member of the family.

What is a Disney Fish Extender?

In 2005, a lady planning to set sail on the Disney Magic had the brilliant idea of exchanging small gifts with other families on her cruise to make the experience even more magical. She passed out the original fish extenders on her trip and Disney fans never looked back! Today, there are dozens of social media groups where you can find gift ideas and others who are interested in doing fish extender exchanges on your upcoming vacation.

Ready to officially join the fish community? Check out these 15 great options to find one that is perfect for your family!

15 Creative Disney Fish Extenders

Classic Cruise Mickey & Minnie Pocket Classic Fish Extender

This appropriately nautical version features anywhere from 1-5 pockets, each of which can be customized with Mickey and Minnie silhouettes of your choosing. Check Current Prices Here!

Mickey Mouse Apparel 

Disney Fish ExtenderThis unique fish extender features tote bag style pockets and can be customized with a number of character silhouettes, so everyone in your family can choose their favorite. Check Prices Here!

Star Wars Fish Extender

Star Wars Fish Extender

Is your family battling with the dark side, this is a super adorable Star Wars Fish Extender which would be perfect for the Star Wars Disney Cruises. This 1-5 pocket Star Wars-themed version features multiple character options and six font choices. It’s perfect for families who want to showcase Jedi (or Sith) pride. Check it out Here!

Frozen Fish Extender

Disney Cruise Fish Extender

Do you want to build a Snowman Fish Extender? Of course you don’t, that is why we love this Frozen inspired Fish Extender. This fish extender features customizable Mickey silhouette options, including fun styles inspired by Frozen and Lady and the Tramp. You can also request unlisted characters. Check it out here!

Couple of Guppies

Disney Cruise Fish Extender

This double-pocket fish extender features dozens of Mickey and Minnie silhouette patch options and has an optional Mickey-ear dowel rod. It’s a great choice for couples! Check it out here!

Ship Wheel Fish Extender

Ship Wheel FIsh Extender

 This 1-6 pocket fish extender is ideal for larger families and features nautical-inspired Mickey silhouettes, including a fun ship’s wheel option. The seller offers customization. Check out all the options here!

Cruise with Character

DCL Fish Extender

This colorful 1-5 pocket extender features full character images, rather than the popular Mickey and Minnie silhouettes. Nearly any character is available upon request. You can do a full princess theme or simply choose each of your favorite characters. Check out all the options here!

Holiday Fish Extender

Holiday FIsh Extender

The one cruise I am dying to go on is a Holiday themed cruise. This Christmas-themed fish extender is ideal for holiday sailing. Several color options are available and each pocket features a Mickey or Minnie silhouette with a Santa hat. Check it out here!

Ahoy Matey

Disney Cruise Line Fish

Ahoy Matey! This 1-4 pocket fish extender showcases adorable, seaworthy Mickey fabric on each pocket. Optionally, the top of your extender can be personalized with your family name. Check it out here!

A Classic Silhouette

Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender

This upscale looking 1-5 pocket fish extender features gold embroidery and your choice of twelve character silhouettes. Four background color options are available. You can choose between Elsa, Olaf, Little Mermaid, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Sven, Daisy and a gold slipper. Check current prices here!

Tu-Tu Cute

Disney Cruise Tutu Fish Extender

This 1-5 pocket tutu version features dozens of character embroidery options. It has tulle accents on each pocket, making it an especially good choice for princess fans. Check out all the adorable options here

The Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie

One of my favorite choices is This Steamboat Willie. This is great for vintage Disney fans. Choose a different body part, including Mickey’s famous hat, gloves, and shoes for each pocket. Check it out here!

Pirate Fish Extender

Pirate Cruise Fish Extender

This classic, black and red 1-4 pocket features numerous embroidery options, including Halloween and pirate styles. There are also seven top panel choices. This is perfect for those who love to celebrate Pirate Night onboard Disney Cruise! Check it out here!

Flip Flop Fun

Castaway Fish Extender

This 1-6 pocket fish extender features flip-flop embroidery, ideal for Caribbean and Mexican cruises. There are six color themes, including Halloween, classic, and beach. I love how the sandals can be decorated with a mickey or Minnie theme! It’s just too cute. Check Current Prices Here!

A Nutty Option

Nutty FIsh Extender

This cute 1-4 pocket is the perfect choice for Chip and Dale fans. Each pocket features an embroidered acorn that can be customized with your family’s names upon request. Check it out here!

Once you decide on a fish extender, make sure you follow all of the seller’s customization instructions and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Also, Check out these great Fish Extender Gifts from my friend over at Trips with Tykes. Bon Voyage!

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