7 Amazing things to do on the MSC Meraviglia & Cirque Du Soleil at Sea

My favorite cruise in the world was sailing along the Mediterranean with my family. It was the perfect mix of being able to travel with my kids in a way they get to experience amazing culture mixed in with the perfect amount of fun of being on a cruise ship. So, when I began planning our summer vacation, my ears perked up when I heard about MSC Meraviglia and their new Cirque Du Soleil Show at Sea. Plus, if you’re plans are more stateside, have no fears as the Meraviglia is coming to North America in 2019. Here are the 7 most fascinating things about this amazing ship.

7 Amazing things to do on the MSC Meraviglia & Cirque Du Soleil

1) Cirque Du Soleil at Sea

The first time I saw Cirque Du Soleil was in Las Vegas at the Bellagio at their show “O”, I’ve been hooked ever since then. Onboard the Meraviglia, there are not one, but two exclusive Cirque Du Soleil at Sea shows created just for this ship, Viaggio & Sonor. Twice a night for 6 nights a week the Meraviglia offers passengers these incredible shows. The Merviglia built a custom 10,000 square foot technology packed venue just for Cirque Du Soleil. In addition, they have a custom three-course meal (additional charge) for those who want a complete Cirque Du Soleil Evening

Cirque Du Soleil at Sea

2) Longest LED Dome at Sea

Strolling along Meraviglia’s promenade is quite the joy as you gaze up you will be enthralled by the light show above. The 262 foot LED dome displays a variety of digital skies 24 hours a day. The promenade is filled with shops and dining and this display is incredible. Sometimes it looks as if you are in a storm or even outer space. I love when it looks like a stained glass ceiling.

MSC Meraviglia

3) F1 Race Simulators, Flight SImulators & 4-D Theater

My son, Shea was sold once he heard about this. Onboard the MSC Meraviglia you can race your friends and family as the ship has two Formula 1 virtual-reality racing cars that can compete head-to-head. Our family is quite competitive, so this might get intense. In addition, the Meraviglia has a flight simulator and a 4-D Theater. The 4-D theater runs about $7.00 and is an interactive 7-10 minute movie. There are about 10 or 12 seats in the theater. The flight simulator will flip you up and down and all around, in this interactive pod.

F-1 Race Simulator MSC Meraviglia

4) Meraviglia’s Polar Aquapark

The polar aquapark features 2 Big Tube Water Slides and 1 Champagne Glass Twister slide. The aquapark also has the  ‘Himalayan Bridge,’ and a range of pools – provides fun and activities for all ages. MSC really stepped up it’s game with it’s next waterpark on the MSC Seaside, you can check out my review here.

MSC Meraviglia Polar Aqua Park

5) Sportsplex & Bowling Alley

The Sportsplex is a great place for kids and grown-up kids to play games like soccer, dodgeball, basketball and more. Just outside there is a little sportsbar to grab some Gatorade and other snacks (additional charge) At night the sportsplex transforms into a place for MSC dance parties including their amazing Super Hero party. In addition there is a full size two lane bowling alley. I have been on some other cruises who claim to have bowling only to find miniature pins and bowling balls (not quite bowling)

MSC Bowling Alley Meraviglia

6) Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant & Butcher’s Cut

Commonplace in our family was to go to teppanyaki for someone’s birthday. After cruising, my kids only want to go to Teppanyaki on cruise ships. The chefs are so talented and funny that it made our local teppanyaki places seem boring. They still tell the jokes from our first teppanyaki chef aboard the NCL getaway (you can check out my review here). At MSC they feature Kaito Teppanyaki which is new and in addition to their award-winning sushi bar. Teppanyaki is extra and it is a la carte pricing. The Butcher’s cut is more suited for my boys as I am not too big of a meat eater. They offer quite the variety of prime cut beef including steak, lamb and even buffalo.

MSC Meraviglia Teppanyaki

7) Incredible Space Poolside + Sliding Roof Pool

If you have been on a cruise before, you know that one of the more stressful things about a cruise is the busy poolside. Chairs are lined up as close as they can be to each other, that is why I rarely find myself lounging poolside. This has all changed with the MSC Meraviglia, The Atmosphere Pool on the MSC Meraviglia Pool Deck is the Longest Pool at Sea, so poolside space is some of the most plentiful to be found at sea. The lounge chairs at the atmosphere pool are large and luxurious and they even have some glorious pools side beds that are soooo amazing. In addition are two other pools, the Bamboo pool has a sliding roof which is perfect for those cold weather cruises.

BONUS – MSC Meraviglia is coming to North America and the Caribbean

That is right the MSC Meraviglia is coming to America (cue the Neil Diamond Music…. I might have just really dated myself there) In 2019 Meraviglia will be sailing out of New York for a few sailings and then heading south to Miami for weekly sailing throughout the Caribbean. If you have an itch to jump onboard earlier check out their amazing Mediterranean itineraries which were my favorite stops of all time.

If you are looking for itineraries check them out at www.msccreisesusa.com

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MSC Cruises Cirque Du Soleil at Sea

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