5 Reasons Legoland Beach Retreat is an Incredible Family Vacation

Legoland Beach Retreat

You have heard of Disney World Resorts and the hotels at Universal Studios, but have you considered the Legoland Beach Retreat Resort? It’s actually one of the coolest family-friendly options in the Orlando area. If you are heading to Legoland Florida, you have three amazing options for hotel stays. Legoland Hotel, Legoland Pirate Island Hotel and the Legoland Beach Retreat. Each is so much fun as you are surrounded by a world of LEGO. So, grab your Legoland Tickets and get ready to stay at these amazing resorts, including the Legoland Beach Resort

5 Reasons Legoland Beach Retreat is an Incredible Family Spot

Legoland Beach Retreat

The Basics

Legoland Beach Resort is a unique place to stay, in all the best ways. It is about 40 minutes from the Orlando area or Tampa’s downtown, making it very easily accessible especially with a rental car. If you are staying for a week or more, you will have plenty of time to visit the Legoland parks and all the fun attractions in the surrounding area. The resort is village style with 83 separate bungalows, which of course stay true to Legoland’s bright lego block theme.


We know that little fact might be worrisome to some mamas and dads because no matter how much you love your kiddos this vacation is for you too and you probably don’t want to feel like you are in a theme park all day and night. Don’t worry, we promise Legoland Beach Retreat is actually pretty tasteful and has the perfect amount of that beach resort feel. It’s truly a good balance for everyone. This resort also offers all the amenities your family will be looking for from poolside lounging to interactive activities, high-speed wifi and delicious food & snacks on site. As for the cherry on top, you will be surrounded by Lake Dexter offering pretty views and the chance for great adventure.

Why Legoland Beach Retreat is the Ultimate Family Destination

Spacious Rooms


What is the most important part of a resort stay? Opinions may vary, but we believe the answer is actually pretty simple. You want to be in a room that your whole family is happy to call home for the length of your stay. The rooms at Legoland Beach Retreat are undoubtedly what makes this place an ultimate family destination. They are just spacious enough to have room to move around but still have that cozy resort feel. Each is decorated differently with special funny touches in the details that your family will love discovering together.


The bungalows comfortably sleep a family of 5, of course, if you have more kiddos you can still find a way to make it work, and the coolest thing of all is the separate kid space. When you first walk into the room it has a seemingly normal hotel set up, but pull back the curtain and you will find bunk beds and some LEGOS to play with. We love that this allows the kids and parents to have some of their own space when needed.

Community Feel

Along with the bungalows themselves being great, we absolutely love how the resort is laid out. The bungalows are divided into 13 themed sections, each with their own outdoor play area in the middle. This makes it easy to make friends with other families during your stay. It also makes for great free time or time to squeeze a little work in for mom and dad, as each bungalow has a patio with seating facing this play area.

Endless Activities

There is so much to do at this resort! We know we previously mentioned how easy it is to travel to surrounding attractions, but once you settle in here you might actually never want to leave.

Legoland Beach Retreat Pool

We will start off with the awesome pool area. After all, the pool is a pretty important part of any beach retreat, especially in sunny Florida. It is a large pool area with floating LEGO blocks for kiddos to play with and plenty of space for adults to lounge. With all the lifeguards on staff and the life vests provided to new swimmers, it is easy for parents to relax outside the pool without keeping constant watch.

More than Just a Pool

Next to the pool is also a sandy area to play in, which means you can work on a masterpiece sandcastle. But wait, there’s more! The pool area also includes a giant play structure and tons of group activities like bean bag toss, volleyball, dance parties and master builder LEGO competitions. Make sure to take note of this pool area’s restricted hours, but you are also welcome to use the Legoland Hotel pool which is open every day from 9 am-9 pm every day.

Legoland Beach Retreat Activities

As for what you can do besides the pool, some family favorites are roasting marshmallows around the campfire and meet & greet with the characters in the clubhouse. The Lighthouse, which is like a central clubhouse for the hotel, is not only where these character meetups will happen but like the pool area, they sponsor a bunch of different activities. You will find things here like pajama parties and nightly lighting ceremonies.


An important part of being an ultimate family destination is making the resort as convenient as possible. First of all, Legoland Beach Retreat has implemented a legendary check-in system. You simply drive up and drive through! It’s super easy and quick. Plus, it means no turning off the car for check in making antsy kids wait even longer to get their vacation rolling. Another great thing about staying at the Legoland Beach Retreat is you can hop on a shuttle for a quick ride over to the park. Woohoo for no piling in and out of the car! You can also walk over to the park if that is more your style. It is a quick ¾ of a mile away.

Dining the whole family will enjoy:

Legloand Beach Dining

There are also two options for dining on site meaning you don’t have to leave every time your tummies start grumbling. There is Bricks Beach Bar and Sandy’s Castle Restaurant. Bricks Beach Bar is great for grabbing snacks, drinks, or lunch poolside. Though, they do have an indoor seating option available. Sandy’s Castle Restaurant is where the complimentary breakfast buffet will be located. After breakfast, they become a full-service restaurant with lunch and dinner options.

FREE Transportation to the Parks

FREE Legoland Transportation

Ready to head to the parks? Legoland Beach Retreat has daily shuttle service (every 15-20 minutes) which will pick you up and take you right to the parks. No need to hop in your car, just sit back and relax.

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