5 Incredible Things to do when visiting Disney’s Pandora [How to Glow]

Disney’s Pandora 2018- As soon as the new themed Disney Pandora land opened up and we knew we had to experience all the splendor surrounding this new land in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. (Get our BEST Disney World Tips & Tricks here). Having visited Walt Disney World so many times in the past we figured, we’ve got this! We know about Fast Pass+, we know how to work around the crowds, we know to take breaks at some of the cooler areas of the park like The Lion King Show (great show by the way). However, being the alleged “pros” that we thought we were. Here are 5 things I wish I knew before visiting Disney’s Pandora 2018.

5 Incredible Things to do when visiting Disney’s Pandora

Disney's Pandora 2017- 5 things I wish I knew before we visited Disney's NEW Pandora themed land inside Animal Kingdom Park.

1. You need to visit the land twice, once during the day and once at night. 

We were lucky enough to get a Fast Pass for the flight of the passage, which is the premiere ride at the park at 11:30 am. However, we did not get one for the Na’vi River Journey. So, we got to the park about 45 minutes before opening and headed right to Pandora when the park opened (I would recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the park opening).

The lines for both rides were immediately long within just a few minutes of getting into the park, so getting there early, if you don’t have a fast pass, is one way to go. If you are not an early bird, go towards the end of the day as this is when the ride will be at it’s lowest wait time.

We were lucky when we got to the park and only waited 30 minutes for the Na’vi River Journey. The flight of passage was immediately 60 minutes long and 3 hours the rest of the day. Now, the only problem is, at night is when Disney’s Pandora comes alive with all the luminescence, it’s the best time to visit IMO. *TIP- get there early in the morning to experience the rides, come back at night to experience the land!

Disney Pandora 2017

2. The Flight of Passage is the best ride I have ever been on IN MY LIFE – It’s worth the wait (and I never say that)

I apologize for hyping this ride too much, but it truly knocked my socks off! Now if you are looking for a ride with loops and drops and turns, that is not what you are getting here. Walt Disney World somehow made you feel like you are riding on a real-life Banshee (you can even feel the banshee breathing on your legs).

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who is going for the first time because I think it is best to experience it with no expectations. But somehow Disney has made it so that you feel like an Avatar flying through Pandora. *TIP- make sure you find a way to get on this ride! 

Disney's Pandora 2017- 5 things I wish I knew before we visited Disney's NEW Pandora themed land inside Animal Kingdom Park. #Disney #Pandora #DisneysPandora #AnimalKingdom #DisneyTips #WaltDisneyWorld

3. Use Mobile Ordering at Satu’li Canteen + Cheeseburger Pods

This land is very busy because it is brand spanking NEW. After you finish up with the rides you will probably want to check out the new food at the Satu’li Canteen. The only unfortunate thing is it’s another long line, and I mean long! About a quarter way through I noticed people walking up to a counter that said mobile order pick up.

I immediately sought out a cast member and asked how do I do that. He instructed me to open up My Disney Experience app (download it before you go) and tap on the Mickey at the bottom and place your order. I did that, hopped out of line and in 10 minutes my order was ready. Now, at the time Satu’li Canteen was the only restaurant that had this option, now Disney has expanded it to other restaurants in the 4 parks, so definitely check out mobile ordering.

The other thing about the Satu’li Canteen was the cheeseburger pods my kids loved them, we not as much. I personally loved the DIY protein bowls in the Satu’li canteen, you can pick your protein, sauce, and base. It is delicious! Every one of us thought the food here was some of the best in the park. So definitely check it out!! *TIP- use mobile ordering around the park. **BONUS TIP- you can order the pods a la carte and save a ton!

Don’t believe us? Check out We3Travel’s pick for BEST Ride at Disney here.

mobile ordering disney pandora

4. Bring glow in the dark face paint for at night.

At night, Disney’s Pandora is simply amazing! Everything is glowing including the ground. I saw a few people who had glow in the dark face paint so I asked them where they purchased it as my kids thought that was the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately, they all had purchased the glow in the dark before they got to Disney World and Disney does not sell it. So, don’t be like me. Here is the link to the highest rated glow in the dark face paint on Amazon,

***Update**** We used the glow in the dark paint for our recent trip in February at the Disney SMMC Conference. Here are some pics of our results. The kids absolutely loved it and this paint works great. It stayed on through the heat and even my 4 year old kept it on the whole day. It comes off with a wipe when you are done for the day. Another idea one reader did was glow in the dark nail polish. and they said it worked incredibly well.

glow in the dark paint

pandora glow in the dark paint

pandora glow in the dark paint

pandora glow

pandora animal kingdom

5. It’s worth getting the Photo Pass Photos at Disney’s Pandora

I really love Disney’s photo pass, but sometimes you can capture just as good of an image from your phone or camera. *THIS IS NOT THE CASE at Disney’s Pandora Land. During the day they have a spot which makes it seem like you are looking at some flying Banshees (with the help of some Disney magic of course).

At night, I tried to capture the beauty of the land and simply couldn’t. As we were about to leave, at 1 a.m., my husband spotted a photo pass photographer and insisted we take one last picture.

Despite us being worn out from a full day, it was definitely the best picture we had of the world of Avatar at night because the photo pass photographers have their camera set to the perfect settings to capture all the light. Next time, I will make sure we take the picture before we are completely beat. *TIP- plan for the Disney Photo Pass, it is worth it!



Have you visited Disney’s Pandora?

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How to glow at Pandora in Animal KingdomGlow at Disney World's Pandora in Animal Kingdom


  • Tamara says:

    Flights of Passage was definitely the best ride that I’ve been on too! We loved everything about Pandora and the food was great too.

  • Kristin says:

    We rode flight of the passage 3 times when we visited last month. By far my most favorite ride ever and we visit Disney a lot!

  • Brigitte says:

    Would Flight of Passage cause motion sickness? Also highlighter markers will work in the place of body paint if it is black light based.

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Flight of Passage may cause motion sickness bc it is a simulated flight ride. But, my friend who is prone to motion sickness took bonine? (not sure how to spell it) and she was fine.

  • Nicole Buschlen says:

    Great tips! I’m ordering the paint now, for our April trip. I agree with the day and night visit, two totally different experiences. I also thought FOP was the best ride I’ve ever ridden. I was close to tears when we got off, so cheesy lol. We will definitely try to food, last time it was so packed you could barely move in there.

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Awesome!! You will love the paint it’s so fun. I applied it using my make up brushes. The feeling was so smooth on the paint the kids never even complained or itched it. It’s really great quality! I feel the same as far as FOP- AHMAZING!!!

  • Emily Doty says:

    Did you wear it all day or wait and apply at night? Should i bring paint with us?

  • Ngoc Cantu says:

    Thank you so much for your tip. I am still debated when is good time to take my three kiddos to Disneyworld. They are age 7,5,3. I am not sure my youngest one could handle the the night time visit. My two oldest one will turn 8 and 6 by the end of of this year. While my youngest one will turn 4 in March 2019. Would you suggested that I wait until my baby turn 5 before heading to Disney world?

    • Mama Munchkin says:


      My husband and I favorite time to take our kids to Disney World was then they were 3 years old. They absolutely loved the characters ( I would recommend a character breakfast). In terms of staying up at night, we were definitely not up too late, but what we did was spend the morning in the parks head back to the room around 2:00 when it got hot for a nap (the bigger kids did the pool) and then went back out at night. That system worked the best for our little ones.

  • Ngoc Cantu says:

    My husband afraid that my youngest wouldn’t remember. This is the main reason we have not planing the trip. Thank you so much for your response.

    • Lisha says:

      The trip when they are this young is for your memories, I took my kids at 3 and 5 and even tho they don’t remember the first trip I do and it was AMAZING. You can go back when they are older and they will have those memories. We recreate pictures from the prior visit and it fun to look back and when they are 3 and then 8 then 15 and now 20. Take the trip you won’t regret it.

  • ashley says:

    Would this be appropriate with a 5 yr old girl?

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Yes, my four-year-old loves Animal Kingdom and this new area is great for kids. However, there is a height restriction for flight of passage and my daughter was too short. She was able to do the river cruise though.

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