How to Buy Discount Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets in 2020

Knotts Berry Farm is among the most popular amusement parks and is also the first theme park in California. Located in Buena Park, Knotts Berry Farm spans about 160 acres and was the twelfth most visited theme park in the year 2017, with over 4 million people visiting Knotts Berry Farm. One of the things I love about Knott’s Berry Farm is it is also one of the most affordable theme parks. Here are 11 easy ways to buy discounted Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets.

The BEST Ways to Buy Discount Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets [11 easy ways]

Knotts Berry Farm Tickets

If you’re in Southern California with your kids I would say that Knott’s Berry Farm is a must do stop for the whole family. There are incredible rides like GhostRider (pictured above), Xcelerator, Pony Express, Silver Bullet and many more.

Plus, there is an amazing ghost town where kids can relive the days of the wild wild west. For the little ones, Camp Snoopy has so many fun little rides and activities. Our family thoroughly enjoys visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. Alright, let’s get to the discounts.

Knott’s Berry Farm Discounted 1 Day Tickets – General Public

A 1 Day Knott’s Berry Farm ticket is definitely the most popular ticket option. You can pack a lot into your day and typically don’t need more than 1 day unless you live in Southern California. Here are some of the best places to save on Knott’s Berry Farm Discount Tickets.

Knott's Boysenberry Festival new menu items


ARES Travel  – *Best 1 Day Ticket Discount**

ARES Travel is my goto for most Southern California Theme Park Tickets – There discounts are some of the best out there. The tickets are E-tickets so you just print them from home and head right to the turnstiles. Plus, they have some great ticket combos if you want to get tickets to other theme parks. Check current prices here!

Undercover Tourist – 

It’s hard to find a better deal than the ones on Undercover Tourist. Undercover Tourist is a reliable website to get discounted tickets for all theme parks. In fact, I recommend them the most for theme park tickets. You order the tickets online and the tickets get emailed to you. So there is no waiting in those long ticket booth lines. You will save up to $30 off a general admission ticket, so it’s definitely worth checking out, plus you’ll have some extra money to spend on boysenberry pie and Mrs. Knott’s Famous Chicken. Check Prices Here

knotts berry farm tickets costco

Discounted Knotts Berry Farm Tickets from Costco

Costco sells discounted Knotts Berry Farm tickets now and again. Offers vary from time to time and you can see the current offers by simply visiting the Costco website and searching for Knotts Berry Farm.

I usually see offers pop up right after the holidays from January to May, but it is worth checking because Costco often gets unique packages you won’t find anywhere.

Getaway Today

Not to be outdone by Undercover Tourist, Getaway Today has some great ticket offers and is often running unique sales you will not find anywhere else. They are great for Disneyland Tickets and Knott’s Berry Farm.  

Reserve Los Angeles

Reserve is the newest discount ticket site to hit the market. Not only are their ticket prices good but so is their service. I have tracked Reserve and consistently they are one of the best discounts out there.

Reserve offers a wide variety of discounted tickets so if you aren’t heading to Knott’s check out some of their other ticket offerings. Check Current Knott’s Prices Here

NEW 2019 Knott's Boysenberry Festival Waffle.

Smart Card 

Smart Card is a local discount program from my neck of the woods, but it does allow people from out of town to get a monthly membership to access their discounted tickets and their prices continually are the best. Right now you can get tickets for as low as $39.00. Simply visit, pay for a one-month membership which is just $3.95 and voila you have access to the discounted Knott’s tickets. You can cancel the membership anytime online.

Organizations/Employers/Military Options

If you are a member of any organization, large organization, or the military you will find an assortment of different discounts available to you for Knott’s Berry Farm. Here is the breakdown of all the options to get discounted Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets.

Discounts for AAA members

If you are a member of any AAA, you can get discounted Knotts Berry Farm tickets by simply showing your membership card at the ticket counter. You can get a discount of up to 30% on tickets and 20% OFF for Soak City. The tickets can be purchased online or from the AAA branch that is nearest to you.

You must note that the discount applies only to AAA members and does not apply to junior or senior tickets nor can the discount be used to purchase specially themed tickets, such as Halloween Haunt

Knott's Boysenberry Festival new menu items

Discounts for military personnel

Discounted Knotts Berry Farm tickets are available for military personnel every day. A military ID has to be presented at the ticket counter and it does not apply to any other family member.

The military person must be present at the venue in order to receive the discount. You can get additional discounts by purchasing your tickets online and in advance.

Fire And Law Enforcement Tribute Days

Once a year Knott’s Berry Farm will have a two or three week period (usually in January) where all Fire & Law Enforcement will receive 2 Complimentary tickets for showing their i.d. + up to 6 additional tickets for a discount (currently $35)

This is an incredible offer for those in the Fire and Law Enforcement and it is great of Knott’s to thank fire and law enforcement for all they do in the community.

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Group discounts

Knotts Berry Farm offers group discounts for a group of fifteen people or more. Student groups, corporate groups, family reunions, and celebrations are entitled to these discounts. These group discounts are available online only, so don’t show up to the group at guest services, you will sadly be out of luck. Group prices are currently $49.00

 Discounted Knott's Berry Farm Tickets

Multiple Park Options

If you are heading to Southern California for a week with kids, there is a good chance that you will want to hit up multiple theme parks during your stay. I still remember being a kid and heading with my cousins to Knott’s Disneyland, & Magic Mountain all in one week. I think our parents were exhausted, but we loved it.

In addition to those parks, there is also Universal Studios, Legoland, Sea World,  and Disney’s California Adventure. If you want to hit up multiple parks than there are some saving money options.

The Go Los Angeles Card

Another great option is The Go Los Angeles Card. This is an all-inclusive pass and is ideal for families. The card includes visits to Universal Studios, plus your choice of Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Legoland, Hollywood Sightseeing Tours & 40 other activities. The best place to buy this pas is the undercover tourist website. Check Prices Here. 

The SoCal Pass

This pass includes visits to several attractions like the San Diego Zoo and Safari park. The pass also includes six flags magic mountain, Legoland, and of course, Knotts Berry Farm.

The card is an excellent deal for families who are on a vacation and wish to visit a couple of tourist attractions at reasonable prices. The so-cal pass is available at


Discounts for Multiple Visits to Only Knott’s Berry Farm

Annual pass

If you are among the people who are likely to visit Knotts Berry Farm more than once per year, then there is no need buying discounted Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets. You should definitely purchase their annual passes. There are three types of passes, the regular season pass, the Gold season pass, and the Platinum season pass.

Another reason to snag the annual pass is the Gold & Platinum 2019 Season pass offer admission to Knott’s Berry Farm’s water park soak city which is located right across the street. Soak City is a great water park as it is always clean, has some amazing slides and really a great day for the family. Especially during those super hot summer days. Here is a breakdown of all the passes.

  • Regular Pass -$94 

    Unlimited Admission through the end of the calendar year. Receives 10% Discount on Food & Merchandise, up to 15% OFF Hotel Stays. Unlimited Parking can be added for $65

  • Gold Pass -$113 

    The gold pass has all the same benefits of the regular pass + unlimited admission to Knott’s Soak City (located next door). Unlimited Parking can be added for $65

  • Platinum Pass- $216

    The platinum pass comes with all the benefits of gold + free parking (currently $18 a visit). In addition, these passes offer 20% discounts on dining and merchandise, early entry into the parks, plus admission to every cedar fair park.

You can compare prices at

Other add-ons for Annual Passes Include:

  • Unlimited Dining for the Entire Season – $113
  • All Season Drink Refills – 29.99
  • Entire Season Fast Lane Passes (to skip lines) – $499.99
  • All Season Unlimited Digital Photos $49.99
  • Unlimited Knott’s Scary Farm Visits – $85

Discounted Knott's Berry Farm Tickets

There are a ton of annual events to use your season pass including:

Here are 11 easy ways to buy discounted Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets. #discount #ticketsdiscount #save #savings #savebig #knottsberryfarm #traveltips #travel #familyvacation #vacation

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Where is your favorite place to grab discounted tickets?
Comment below and let us know and we will add it to the list

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has discount tickets for Knott’s Berry Farm?

There are several vendors which offer discount Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets including ARES Travel, Undercover Tourist, Costco, AAA, Military and Reserve Los Angeles.

Do you have to print out Knott’s Berry Farm tickets?

Most Knott’s discount ticket resellers offer E-tickets that can be scanned at the gate. You can always print the tickets out to be extra cautious.

Is Knotts free on your birthday?

No, but you can get a Free Birthday Button when you enter the parks

Is Knotts Berry Farm Tickets Cheaper Online?

Yes, and if you purchase from discount ticket reseller like ARES Travel, or Undercover Tourist it is even cheaper.


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