Costa Rica- Day 1

The trip of a lifetime… or a trip you will need a vacation from once your done. Depends on who you ask- ha! If you ask any of my munchkins what their favorite family vacation was the response will unanimously be- COSTA RICA!!!! Which is amazing bc we can’t get them to agree on anything… EVER.

It all started when my little sister decided she wanted to go somewhere different for her senior trip. I suggested Costa Rica because 1) It was somewhere different 2) It was affordable and 3) the flights weren’t that long. Little did I know that the trip would be the hardest trip of my life. And, simultaneously everyone else’s best trip E.V.E.R.

Why? Well… this trip was daunting every day. Think of your kids boating in lakes full of live crocodiles, on horses, flipping over in kayaks, zip-lining upside down, zip-lining in thunderstorms, driving in the rain up and down super steep cliffs, near live volcanoes… need I say more? I mean the list could go on and on. Costa Rica is definitely NOT for the faint of heart (me). I literally woke up EVERY morning praying we would all live… and went to bed every night thanking God for letting us all live. It was EXHAUSTING!

However… with all that said after the trip was over and looking back. It was an extraordinary vacation. We learned so much together, experienced so many new things together and we definitely bonded a bunch too. It is something I wouldn’t change and I actually think the next time around I would relax and have a lot more fun.

Let’s get to the fun stuff…

Day 1:

We rented a house through VRBO for the first time and it was a fantastic experience. Super cool way to hang out together since we went with my mom, sister, two nieces, my brother and his wife plus all the kids except the baby. We paid a little extra to have our maid also make us breakfast. It was SO cool to wake up in this gorgeous tropical place, listening to the birds and monkeys. I’d head out take a dip in the lap pool and then come in to the kitchen and see this yummy spread of homemade food and fresh squeezed juice to kick off the day’s adventures. Some days as noted below I just went and hung out in my pj’s… I LOVED that backyard!!

I had to throw that pic of one of my munchkins in with the glasses- he’s too cool!

I loved all the wildlife the kids could explore right at the house. We had tons of lizards, crabs and butterfly’s. Huge iguana’s and we could hear the monkey’s although we were never up early enough to see them. The house also had all the comforts of home, a little market, restaurant and ice cream hut right next door. The kids wasted no time hopping up at the ice cream bar the night we arrived 😉




IMG_4053     IMG_4048 IMG_4038

to be continued…


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