Final Ethiopia Prep & Itinerary

Soccer Ball/ Orphanage Donation Drive Update

Just a quick update and THANK YOU to all the amazing and generous families who donated soccer balls and to Mrs. Myers class at Santa Rosa Academy for donating all the amazing items for AHOPE Orphanage. We can’t wait to share all these wonderful soccer balls and supplies with the needy children in Ethiopia!!!! We could NOT have done this without you. THANK YOU!!!! A million times THANK YOU!!!

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Okay… here is the deal. It is really difficult to find any info on packing for Ethiopia which seemed kind of crazy because I know people from the states travel to Ethiopia whether its adoption related, to do volunteer work, mission trips or even just tourism. I assume many like myself want to know what to bring which is why I put together an awesome packing list which you can check out here but I also wanted to get you guys a few quick pics and go over a few more minor details about carry on before I take off and forget.

Carry On Packing for Ethiopia from Mama Munchkin on Vimeo.

Roll don’t fold

It just saves a ton of space which you will need because you will want to stuff your bags with donations. Trust me!

Don’t forget a donation letter

You will most likely be carrying additional bags with supplies for organizations in Ethiopia. You can always contact the organizations by email or look on their website for a current list of their needs. If carrying stuff over for the organization ask the director to write you a letter on their professional letterhead. We have had to show it so they allowed our extra stuff through.

Money belt

Everything is dealt with in cash so you will want to wear a money belt under your clothing for safe keeping.


Just to be safe print out all of your reservations, make copies of your passport (both to take with you and ones to leave with someone at home in case you lose yours while in country).


It is easy to find snacks while in the main cities however if you are traveling outside of Addis I recomend you pack snacks to keep you satisfied and in good moods.


You will need a paperclip to open up your phone and pop in a new SIM card so you can communicate while away- always an important thing!

Okay now that we got the important stuff out of the way. Let’s discuss the fun stuff- itinerary.

  • Day 1- get SIM cards, settle in and go to a cultural dinner

Image Courtesy of Lewi Resort
  • Day 2- Head to Awassa, we are staying at the Lewi Resort

  • Day 3 & 4- Birth Family Visit in Arbegona (this part of the trip may be too remote for us to get internet?)


  • Day 5- Head back into Addis Ababa and hang out at the Well Spring Guest House


Image courtesy of AHOPE Orphanage
  • Day 6- Visit the kids at AHOPE Orphanage


Image courtesy of Yezelem Minch
  • Day 7- Visit our sponsored child through Yezelem Minch and learn more about their awesome work in Ethiopia

  • Day 8- Chill at the guesthouse until our flight home 🙂


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