The BEST of Cabo Beaches, Resorts & More

We spent a week in Baja California recently and had an amazing time. Because we rarely have a set schedule planned, we decided to rent a home for the first three days, rent a car and then wing it from there. I’m so glad we did, because that gave us the opportunity to find some great hidden gems.


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  • Let’s start with the obvious- The Beaches. There are plenty and they are beautiful. Abundant with snorkeling and kayaking options, kid-friendly outdoor activities and options for pure relaxation.


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  • El Cerritos Surf Colony:  About an hour north of Cabo is a cute surf colony with great condos, huge pools, tasty restaurants and some amazing surf. My son was 11 at the time and loved surfing, so we set him up with daily lessons. The cost was about $25 US per lesson which coming from Southern California is a total steal.


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  • Todos Santos: Just a few years ago Todos Santos was mostly a cluster of run-down hotels and funky art galleries.Located an hour above Cabo on the Pacific side, the town is now filled with bohemians, artists, and surf bums who congregated at a nearby right point break called Cerritos, near our stay. In the past few years family friendly hotels have sprung up, giving more options for the folks with little ones.
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  • Environmental Conservation- we arrived to Todos Santos at the tail end of sea turtle season and was able to participate in a release. It was amazing to see those tiny little turtles make their way into the sea. Todos Tortugueros  is a great conservation organization in the area and comes highly recommended.


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  • Boca de Sierra Biosphere Reserve- Super exciting for kids and parents alike, this Outdoor Adventure combines amazing activities with the impressive scenery of Boca de la Sierra, a UNESCO protected biosphere reserve. Zip line across canyons above a beautiful desert stream, rappel down a rock wall, traverse various suspended bridges and climb the famous Crazy Ladder. It’s located about 40 minutes north of Cabo.

Learn more about visiting Baja Mexico here in a great article from 365 Atlanta Traveler.

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