Day 10- Trailride with Gunstock Ranch in Oahu

Do you love horses? Have you ever dreamt of riding them through gorgeous green pastures while over looking the turquoise blue waters of Hawaii?? Sounds dreamy right?? Well then you are going to love my next video. Gunstock Ranch is situated in Laie Oahu, about a 45 minute drive from Aulani. It was a gorgeous part of the island- a bit overgrown and rustic. We pulled up to be welcomed by the eager to please ranch hands and a few of their animal friends. Then we set out on the most beautiful trail-ride I have ever been on. The pictures really don’t do it justice. The mountains look majestic covered in misty clouds, the rolling hills of the pasture represent every shade of green imaginable and everything looks so crisp and vibrant against the famous red Hawaiian dirt.

Check it out for yourself-

Have you gone horseback riding while on vacation?

Tell me where you went in the comments below.

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