Day 5- Surf Lesson with Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy

Doesn’t everybody want to be a surfer? I believe they do and what better place to learn than Hawaii. And, who better to teach you than Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy. So, that’s what we did. Day 5 we loaded up after fueling up for breakfast on our complimentary meal in Napua Tower. We drove about 30 minutes over to Lahaina– it’s always such a beautiful drive. Met with our surf instructor Ikaika who was absolutely wonderful. Mike and the kids learned about the ocean, the current and how the surf lane would work. Then they got a quick lesson on how to stand up on their board while they were still on the sand. Then off they went. I was shocked that they all got up on their boards right away. I was super impressed at how Ikaika gave his attention and praise to each of our 5 surfers (no easy task). Every one ended the day happily even though Ella got stung by a bee in between her fingers while out there paddling. She handled it like a champ and Ikaika was quick to help her out getting the stinger out pronto!

After surfing the kids (and Mike) were starving. We had heard great things about Coconuts in Kihei and we were heading that way so we stopped in for some fish tacos. They were AMAZING!!! No wonder people are talking about them… its cheap and delicious a definite must try next time you are in Maui!!

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