GLO Mini Golf- Review by Holly a GM Contributing Family

Glo golf is the perfect family fun activity! This afternoon we drove over to the Galleria at Tyler Mall and tried out the NEW Glo Mini Golf!

IMG_1493It’s located at:  Galleria at Tyler, 1299 Galleria at Tyler Ste# E106 Riverside, California 92503


It was a blast! You walk through the doors and down a flight of stairs into a Glo-topia! We were greeted as soon as we entered by the friendly staff. Charlie helped us right away. He was very welcoming and took the time to ask my littles which color ball and club they prefer. He was also super patient while they made this BIG decision! (both choosing  green of course!)  He also explained the Rockbot feature which allows you to control the music in the room by choosing which songs to play! All you have to do is download the App!


We traveled the world visiting 27 ‘World Wonder’ themed holes. Putting through the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Running of the Bulls in Spain, the Niagara Falls in New York and so much more!


The entire place was lit up by colorful glow in the dark paint and electric colored carpets! We visited Rio De Janeiro Brazil, China,  Sydney Australia, Rome, and more!


The course was simple enough for my three year old Mia to navigate, while also being challenging enough to bring out the friendly competition between my Hubby and I. Atop the final hole spun a large Globe to complete the course. It was such a unique & fun experience!! Did I mention its in an air conditioned room- major BONUS with the crazy heat wave we’ve been having!!! When we finished we handed over our clubs to Charlie and headed to the arcade. The 15,000 sq. ft. space featured a gaming area with a fully stocked arcade and private 10 unit Xbox gaming suite with the latest and most popular games! We loved playing the arcade games and racking up tickets! Mia even won a baseball, that she so nicely gave to her her little brother, who wasn’t so lucky.


We played for a while and accumulated quite a bit of tickets! The prize counter had all sorts of fun items to chose from! Luckily, Charlie was there, and patient as ever, while the littles chose which prizes to bring home. It was finally decided on licorice, lollipops, and a squirt gun! The place also offered a variety of food, drinks and glow in the dark accessories for purchase to keep your crew hydrated and satisfied for the length of your stay!


We had such an AMAZING experience at GLO Mini Golf, we will definitely be back! I can’t think of a better way to enjoy some good family fun while staying cool, and escaping the heat! You HAVE to check it out!

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