Yosemite Travelogue- Day 1

The gorgeous days end with even more stunning sunsets at Yosemite National Park

I grew up in camping in Yosemite every summer with my family, but I have not breathed in the incredible mountain air for at least 15 years. So, today when we reached the mountains just outside the Yosemite National Park gates I had to pull over and take it all in. So, many memories of my childhood came flooding back. This place… it’s special.

I arrived with my dad and my 12-year-old son Owen to Tenaya Lodge this morning and from the moment I walked into the lobby and saw the giant 30-foot real Christmas tree I knew this trip was going to be a good one.

Check out the quick video below to see scenes from today including scenic shots from our drive up, an in-depth look at the many different room options available at Tenaya Lodge, a special event with Kris Kringle himself and our entry for the gingerbread house competition (#participationpoints).

Follow the rest of our trip on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to leave any questions you have about the Tenaya Lodge or the Yosemite National Park in the comments. I am happy to get back to you with answers.

Have you visited Yosemite?

*A special thanks to Tenaya Lodge for hosting us at their lovely resort. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

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