The Best Disney Masks [Keep the Magic Alive & the Germs Away]

Best Disney Masks

With Shanghai Disneyland now open once again. We are starting to get an idea of how Disney Parks will look in the near future (at least for a while). Masks seem to be a requirement so we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best Disney masks that the internet has to offer. It’s a way to bring a little Disney Magic with you in these oh so crazy times. 

This way when you’re taking a safe trip out to the grocery store or running an errand you can still have a touch of Disney magic we’ve all been missing. You can find more information from the CDC here if you are looking for instructions for when and how to wear a face mask.

Best Disney Masks

Classic Disney Prints

Many small businesses have turned their misfortune into a positive in these last few weeks by selling protective equipment. With the need for face masks suddenly rising, a large number of Etsy shops have jumped in to save the day. They come in all kinds of designs, including fun Classic Disney patterns and prints.

These Minnie Mouse cotton masks, for example, are great choices for kids or adults. They come in over five different patterns and can be customized to fit children. Check them out here.

Best Disney Mask

Can’t decide on one beloved character? These reversible Mickey and Minnie masks give you the flexibility of purchasing several masks at one great, low price. The designs range from Classic Steamboat Willie to the most recent adaptation of Mickey Mouse on a number of colorful backgrounds.

Many of these shops are not just limited to Mickey and the Gang. Shops like this one, have prints from some of our favorite Disney characters like The Lion King and even Winnie the Pooh. If traditional masks aren’t your style, you can head over to Amazon and pick up one of these heroes and villains-themed buffs to protect your face on a trip out.

Face Masks That Give Back

Lastly, in case you hadn’t heard, Shop Disney is planning to release a line of Disney-themed masks featuring all your favorite characters. You can pre-order their Disney princess collection, which is available in three sizes, by visiting their website. In true Disney fashion, they are donating one million cloth face masks to underserved and vulnerable communities across the U.S from the profits of these masks! 

Best Disney Mask

Disney Pixar Face Masks 

Looking to branch out to some of your other favorite Disney characters from the likes of Toy Story, Frozen, and more? Keyword searching on Etsy will be your best tool for finding the perfect masks for you and your family.

One of the best things about purchasing from Etsy is the customization ability. This Moana pattern, for example, features Maui and Moana on a fun, blue background. It also features a dual-patterned inside.

Best Disney Mask

If you are looking for a mask without the typical elastic ear bands, check out these Finding Nemo masks. You have the option to customize these with ties instead of elastic for added comfort and for easier sizing. We couldn’t leave Woody and his pals out of the fun! Check out this super attractive Toy Story pattern that’s bright and fun, but still a neutral mask to be worn in public.

Best Disney Mask

Elsewhere on Etsy, we stumbled across this “vintage” print of The Incredibles for sale. Best of all, this mask comes in a 2-Pack. It is the perfect purchase if you and a loved one want to have matching masks!

For even more Pixar fun, Shop Disney also has a 4-Pack of Pixar-themed masks available for pre-order. These feature a variety of characters from Mike Wazoski to Remy from Ratatouille and even Flik from Bug’s Life! Be sure to add your name to the list to get these when they become available. 

Best Disney Masks Outside the Classics 

Disney encompasses far more than just the classic characters and movies, like Star Wars. LightsideCreations has a number of fun patterns that are perfect for pledging which side of the Galaxy you fall on.

For more Star Wars-themed masks, pre-order Shop Disney’s new Star Wars collection. You can even get a mask with baby Yoda on it! Like the princess-themed masks from the Disney Store that we mentioned above, these purchases contribute to giving back.

protective gear

Switching from the Lucas Universe to the Marvel Universe, why not pick up a mask with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Best of all, this Marvel print is also available as a children’s sized mask. Get it here!

Last, but certainly not least, these two masks give us the touch of Home we’ve been missing. While the parks may be closed, this Disney castle embroidered mask is a great and simple homage to Walt Disney’s dreamland.

face mask

If Disneyworld is more your speed, get the best of all four parks with this illustrated mask that highlights the best things at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom in a vibrant color scheme. 

protective gear


The Disney face masks make mask wearing a little more enjoyable! However, the most important thing to remember is to stay safe and use your mask responsibly. These masks are in no way meant to serve as medical-grade protection against diseases and germs. It’s crucial that we continue to wash our hands and stay a safe distance away from each other.

The better we do this, the faster things will return to normal. Stay safe and stay protected!

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Best Disney Face Masks

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