How to [Get the Best] Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group!

We recently visited Disney World and were incredibly excited to check out Rise of the Resistance ride. We just missed the opening on our last visit and hadn’t had a chance to check it out at our hometown park, Disneyland. That being said we heard that you had to be prepared to join a boarding group to get on the ride and it was not like getting a Fastpass. That being said, we did some thorough research and with help from some of our friends who work at Disney, we discovered the best way to get a good Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group and most importantly onto the best ride at Hollywood Studios!

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

Rise of the Resistance Board Group Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get into how to get the best boarding group, here are a few frequently asked questions.

What is the Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group?

The Rise of the Resistance is currently operating on a different system than ever used before to get onto a ride at Disneyland or Disney World. Rather than waiting in line for hours or having a Fast Pass, you join a boarding group on the My Disney Experience App or Disneyland App for those of you in California.

If you are lucky enough to get a boarding group, you have to wait until your boarding group is called to board the ride. Once your boarding group is called head over to the ride. You will wait typically 10-15 minutes to board.

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

If I Get a Boarding Group, Am I guaranteed to get on the ride?

Only a certain number of boarding groups are guaranteed to be called in a day, so if your number is higher than the guarantee, you’ll have to wait and see if your number gets called. On one of the days, we got boarding group 63. Only boarding groups 1-47 were guaranteed, however, we got to ride by 1:00 pm. 

What If I Miss My Boarding Group?

Once your boarding group is called you have plenty of time to make it to the ride. Even if you are in line for another ride or at a dining reservation, you typically have 90 minutes to get to the ride. Usually, they allow a range of about 15-20 Rise of the Resistance boarding groups to be allowed to get on the ride. So if you are group 10, you should have til at least boarding group 25 to get on the ride.

Simply check the app as it is constantly updated. If you miss your boarding group. Well, sadly you are out of luck.

Can I get on more than one boarding group in a day?

No, the boarding groups are designed to give as many people a chance to ride Rise of the Resistance. Thus, you are only allowed one boarding group per day

Does my whole party need to be in the park to get a boarding group?

Yes, everyone who wants to ride Rise of the Resistance needs to be inside the park to get on a boarding group. 

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

How to get the Best Boarding Group!

So, these are the best tips we learned from cast members and fellow park visitors. This helped us get a great boarding group the two times we rode the ride. 

Make sure to have everybody’s ticket in your party linked to the My Disney Experience App

Designate one person to be in charge of linking everyone’s tickets to the app. Otherwise, if everyone does it individually, you will have different boarding groups. 

Arrive at the park 30-45 minutes before opening

As I said earlier, you can not join a boarding group unless you have entered the park. Arriving at the park 30-45 minutes before opening will allow you time to park, get through security and through the turnstiles. We arrived on our first visit about 20 minutes before opening because the Disney Skyliner did not open until 7:30 from our resort (the Skyliner is awesome by the way!).  Since we arrived 20 minutes before we barely got through the gates before the 8:00 am opening. We cut it way too close on the first visit.  Make sure you are through the turnstiles before the park opens!!

Rise of the Resistance Ride

Get Off the Disney Wifi and stick to LTE

The Disney Parks Wifi is great but does get jammed up when everyone is trying to use it at the same time. So stay off the wifi for the few minutes it takes to get your boarding group

Open the My Disney Experience App 10-15 Seconds Before the Park Opens

It does not help to open the My Disney Experience App way before opening. In fact, it will hinder your chances of getting a boarding group as the app automatically reboots every couple of minutes. Open the App 10-15 seconds before the park opens and you should be good to go. My Disney Experience App

Click, Click, & Join

Once you open the app, you will see Rise of the Resistance, click on “Find out More.” Then click “Join Boarding Group”. Add your party members as fast as you can and you are good to go. The first time we did it, I was a little slow and we got group 63. The next time we were group 25! Both times we were able to ride the ride!

Rise of the Resistance Join Boarding Group

Is this ride worth the hassle?

In my opinion (and I am not a big Star Wars fan at all), YES! It is probably my 2nd favorite ride at Disney World. Flight of Passage is still my #1. The ride is so unique, it is unlike any other experience I have been on. Honestly, I have not found a good way to describe it, but it’s pretty amazing!

Will Fastpass be offered in the Future!

I am pretty sure that Rise of the Resistance will have Fastpass. However, until the crowds start to slow down, I do not see that happening. I would say that post-Summer is the absolute earliest this will happen. 


If you have any questions about Disney World or Galaxy’s Edge, please leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram!

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