Disney Airpod Cases – Here are our Absolute Favorites!

Airpods are pretty much a staple on our house and with 5 kids, there are many times we got them confused. So airpod cases were a must in our household. Last week, we had our older boys talk about some of their favorite airpod cases, which mainly involved the brands Bape and Supreme. However, our family loves Disney, so we thought we would bring you our favorite Disney Airpod cases. These cases are great as they make your kids AirPods feel like they are brand new! Let’s take a look at some of our faves.

Our Favorite Disney Airpod Cases

Toy Story Airpod Case

These absolutely adorable Toy Story Airpod cases have some of the iconic Toy Story characters including Hamm, Buzz, Woody, Rex green aliens, and Lots o Hugging bear. Check them out here

Disney Tsum Tsum Airpod Cases

These Disney Tsum Tsum cases are some of the most popular Disney airpod cases on Etsy right now. They have 13 different characters including Mickey, Minnie, characters from Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story and more. Check Current Prices Here!

Stitch Disney airpod case

My daughter absolutely loves Stitch, so this case is on the top of her list. This is a perfect case if you are heading off to Aulani, Disney’s Hawaii resort. You can check out the case here!

In my opinion, this might be the most adorable case. This is one of the few Disney Airpod Cases from an old-time classic Disney Movie. The Dumbo Airpod case comes with a detachable ring to attach your case to whichever you choose. You can grab this case here.


Disney Airpod Case - Baymax

This is my favorite Disney Airpod Case. This movie was absolutely adorable. I remember seeing it when we were visiting Disney World at Disney Springs. The movie was such a surprising delight and Baymax was by such an adorable character. This item is available on Amazon Prime so you can get it in a jiffy.


Disney Airpod Case - Mickey & Minnie

These are the best Mickey & Minnier Airpod Cases on the market. They are available for airpods or airpod pro. I love the iconic outfits that are displayed on the case. Check current prices here!

Disney Airpod Cases

I have been looking for Disney treat Airpod cases everywhere (Mickey Ice Cream Bar or Dole Whip) and these are the closest I have found so far. You can get these Disney Cupcakes in a wide variety of characters including Donald, Daisy, Mickey & Minnie. These cases are available on Etsy

Disney Airpod Case Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc is, of course, a popular option for Airpod cases. These cases are available for both Airpods and Airpods Pro. You can check them out here

Pin for Later – Disney Airpod Cases – Here are Our Favorites

The Best Disney Airpod Cases

We are always on the lookout for new Disney Airpod cases, so if you have any that you love please share them in the comments!

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