Disney Cruise Concierge – An inside peek at some Uber Luxe Magic

Ahhhh the good life. Sailing away on a Disney Cruise and experiencing the pure joy that is having concierge service. On our recent trip onboard the Disney Dream some good friends of ours were staying in the Roy O Suite on the concierge level and it was simply incredible. We thought we would share with you some of the amazing perks you get when booking a Disney Cruise Concierge Room and some of the additional perks when you book the Roy O. Suite!

Disney Cruise Concierge – An inside peek at some Uber Luxe Magic

Disney Cruise Concierge

Before you go – Disney Cruise  Concierge Service

Disney Cruise Chat

Even before you begin your cruise, you get to experience the benefits of booking on the Disne Cruise Concierge level. The concierge shoreside will assist you with all special requests before you cruise even begins. This includes:

  • Booking Port Adventures;
  • Spa Treatments
  • Castaway Cay Cabana Requests (Do this as Soon as you can)
  • Dining room seating preference requests
  • Tickets for Princess Gathering and other Special Character Experiences
  • And Any Celebration Planning or Special Requests

***Disney Cruise Concierge Booking Pro Tip***

Here is a pro tip I learned from our friends over at Disney Travel agent Tink’s Magical Vacations, to make sure you get the Cabana rental and any other request that tends to sell out fast!

Booking for concierge level begins 120 days in advance, however to Book any and all shipboard and port excursions, including a Castaway Cay Cabana it is best to send an email 125 days before your sail date at 12:01 am to DCL Shoreside. Then once the 120 day booking period happens, the concierge team books requests from the emails sent to them and begins with the email first received. You can email concierge services at [email protected]

Castaway Cay Cabanas

The easier method is to book the Disney Cruise through a company like Tink’s Magical Vacations because you just let them know what you want booked and they will do all the hardwork for you. They even have an Alexa app to remind them of exactly when to make requests for your booking.


Embarkation Day Concierge Perks

Disney Cruise Concierge

When you have the concierge level there are a slew of perks for the day you sail.

Arrive when you please (well, not any time)

Concierge cruisers can arrive at the Port whenever they like (so long as it is after the terminal opens for new passengers and before the all aboard time) to check-in. When you enter the terminal there is a separate area in the Disney terminal for concierge cruisers to check-in, and relax before boarding.

First to Board-

Although you can arrive any time, concierge cruisers are the first to board the ship. You get a personal escort up to the concierge floor and taken to the concierge lounge for complimentary snacks, sodas and alcoholic beverages.

While you are relaxing a cast member will go over your itinerary and see if there are any changes you need to make.

Rooms Available Earlier than traditional guests –

If you are staying on the concierge level, your rooms are ready at noon (while the rest of the ship is typically ready at 1:30 or 2:00)

Everything can be taken care of in the concierge lounge by a cast member from 7a.m. – 10 p.m., including booking your next cruise. If you need anything onboard, contact your Concierge Cast Members.

***If you are in the Roy O. Suite, your room is available from the time you board***

Disney Cruise Concierge

In Room Perks –

Now for the fun part. The Disney Cruise Concierge rooms offer a ton of perks. Besides being the nicest rooms onboard the cruise. There are a ton of other great perks that come with the concierge lounge.

A Fully Stocked Fridge –

Your fridge will be stocked with whatever sodas, beer, water, or even Mickey ice cream bars throughout the cruise.


In Room Fine Dining-

Don’t want to deal with the crowds at dinner or getting all dressed up. You can order food from any restaurant including Palo & Remy directly to your room.

Disney Cruise Concierge - Palo

Enjoy Palo from the comfort of your room!

FREE Wifi – 

Your room and the concierge lounge will have complimentary wifi throughout the cruise. So, if you need some internet in your life to get a little work done or have fun and share your journey on Instagram, you don’t have to worry about buying a plan, cause it’s FREE

Robes & Slippers for Everyone –

When you are on the concierge lounge you might see some little boys running around in tiny blue robes and girls in little pink robes, cause every room comes with robes and slippers for every member of the party to enjoy during the cruise. You do have the option to purchase the robes at the end of the cruise.

Disney Cruise Concierge Level

Access to the Concierge Lounge & Exclusive Areas of the Ship

The Concierge lounge is a great place to relax and grab a quick bite, play board games or watch some tv.  Food is available from 7am-10pm every day of your cruise. There is a happy hour in the Concierge Lounge with free alcoholic beverages before both dinner seatings every night. You also have unlimited bottled water and cans of soda and juice to take off the ship or back to your room.

Concierge Only Sun Area –

Disney Cruise Concierge guests have their own special entrance to a private sun area where you can bask in the sun. Complimentary sunscreen is also provided so you don’t have to worry about becoming a burnt lobster.

Disney Dream's Concierge Private Sundeck I

A quiet sundeck reserved for guests sailing in Concierge level staterooms Pic Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line Blog

Concierge Guest Services

You know that long line you see towards the end of the cruise of everyone asking guest services a million questions. On the concierge level you have your own guest services that will help you with all of your needs.

Disney Cruise Concierge – Post Cruise Perks

Once again, you do not have to abide by the normal waits of disembarking a cruise. When your cruise ends, you will receive a personal escort back into the port terminal bypassing any lines. Then your bags are set off in a separate area and are available before any other cruisers so if you want to get off as soon as the ship is cleared, you can do so.


A Peek at some of the Perks in the Roy O. Suite

Yes, as I said, we got to check out the amazing Roy O. Suite on our last Disney Cruise. Here are some of the amazing aspects of this amazing suite.

Neighbor Room to Roy O Suite

Neighbor Room to Roy O Suite

You Control who your neighbors are:

Attached to the Roy O. Suite are two separate rooms that can be connected. If you are staying in the Roy O. suite you can designate who is in the rooms next to you. Disney will not release those rooms until 30 days prior to sail date. For one of your friends to book the room, you will have to be on a 3 way call with the person who wants to stay in the room, yourself and Disney Cruise line to book the room.

Your Room is Ready Once you Board

That’s right, you can head right to your room once you board as this room is the first to be ready. That also means that your Disney Cruise Concierge staff will be gently reminding you the morning you leave to leave the room as soon as possible so that they can get it ready for the next guest.

Incredible Private Deck over the Front of the Ship with your own Hot Tub

Disney Cruise Concierge

Private Hot Tub in Roy O Suite

I think this is my favorite part of the ship. The deck is absolutely massive with couches and chairs and lounges. Then whenever you feel like it, hop in the hot tub for a nice little soak with the best view on the ship.

Pop up TV Flat Screen & Bathe under the Stars

Ready to relax in bed and catch up on some TV? Well, sit back and relax as a giant flat screen pops up from the end of the bed. In the bathroom, enjoy some twinkling stars created by some Disney Magic as you unwind from a wonderful day at sea.

Overall, this is about as much luxury as you can get onboard a Disney Cruise. If you are interested in finding out more about booking a Disney Cruise, I highly recommend checking out Tink’s Magical Vacations. They have incredibly educated agents who have all sailed on Disney Cruises and they also have some pretty sweet onboard credits when you book with them.

Have you stayed on the Disney Cruise Concierge level? Let us know in the comments!

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