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Princess Breakfast Adventures

About 13 years ago our family experienced our first Disneyland Character Dining Experience. My oldest now 16 and my second child had just turned 3 and 1. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and headed on down to Goofy’s Kitchen. Every since that day we have had so many experiences and so many fond memories of the character dining at the Disneyland Resort. There are four super fun character dining experiences at Disneyland, and unfortunately, they can get pricey, so we break down which is the best option for your family.

Princess Breakfast Adventures

Things to know about Disneyland Character Dining

What to Expect:

When you book a character dining experience, it is a dining experience unlike any other. The characters come around to your table, make sure to have the kids towards the outside to interact with the characters. When the characters visit, have those autograph books handy. Also, make sure to have those cameras ready to snap some cute pics with your kiddo and their favorite characters

How to Book:

You can book online or on the phone at 714-781-DINE. You can book your dining up to 90 days in advance so mark your calendars because reservations go quickly.

Disneyland Character Breakfast

Where are the Disneyland Character Breakfast Locations

So, let’s go over all the options. There are 5 character dining experiences currently at the Disneyland Resort. One inside Disneyland Theme Park, one at the Disneyland Hotel, one at Paradise Pier and 2 at Disney’s Grand Californian

Princess Breakfast Adventures at Napa Rose!

Let’s start off with the newest addition to character dining at the Disneyland Resort. We visited Princess Breakfast Adventures at Napa Rose inside the Grand Californian and were completely wowed! This is unlike any other character dining we have ever experienced both at Disneyland and Disney World.

Disneyland Character Dining

To Start: 

When you enter the Napa Rose the extravagance begins. The adults were greeted with complimentary champagne, and the kids received their own autograph books with pens for the characters to sign later on. This is the first character dining experience I have been to where you receive autograph books. We were escorted to our pre-table where music was playing and our girls enjoyed a game of princess tic tac toe.

The Dining Experience

The Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure is offered by Napa Rose, and they serve up a feast fit for royalty! Your meal will begin with a serving of appetizers. Ours included a delicious mini sandwich from Rapunzel’s Tower, a Creme Brule Banana with Nutella and some amazing yogurt parfaits.  Along with the tray of appetizers is a basket of bread and scones served with a vanilla bean cream sauce. My word of advice, don’t pass up the citrus and vanilla bun because it is delightful.

Disneyland Character Breakfast

The second course comes with plenty of different options that you and your kiddos will love. This course is a buffet style with your classics like eggs and Mickey waffles. But the Princess Breakfast takes it a step further with Chicken and Mickey waffles, short ribs, fresh fruit, applewood smoked bacon and much more. 

Lastly, dessert comes (if you have room for it) ours was filled with the cutest cake pops you’ve ever seen (all princess themed.) My personal favorite treat was the mermaid macarons which decorated in the shape of a clamshell. 

An Incredible Character Experience:

You will obviously be meeting the princesses during this experience, but this truly is not like your standard character breakfast. While we dined we had three princesses come around to the different tables.

Princess Breakfast Adventures

What I loved was the restaurant was not large so each princess spent an ample amount of time with my kids. The look on my daughters faces as they met the princesses will be etched in my memory forever. 

Bonus Surprises & More Princesses

After we finished breakfast our girls were given a bag with some special surprises inside. A drawstring bag with Princess Breakfast Adventures on it and the highlight was a princess necklace. 

Princess Breakfast Adventures

We then continued on to a separate area where the girls sat down with Pocahontas. There she told a story about her people asked the kids questions and took pictures. Once we said goodbye to Pocahontas it was time to see one more princess. We met Rapunzel, she signed autographs, laughed with the girls and then took a picture from a Photopass photographer. The photo pass picture is included with your breakfast and can be downloaded from the Disneyland App


The Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure is truly an experience, and you get much more out of it than your typical character dining. There is storytelling, gifts, an incredible meal and plenty of time for photos. This premier dining experience is $125 per person for children and adults and while it is the most expensive dining experience. It truly is such a memorable time that you and your child will never forget.


Minnie & Friends Disneyland Character Dining in the Park 

Make your kids day with a special Disneyland birthday visit | Global Munchkins

The Minnie & Friends is mine and my oldest daughter’s favorite place to have character dining at Disneyland. This experience is located inside Disneyland Park so you will need to have Theme Park admission to be able to dine here. There are several reasons we love to dine at Minnie & Friends

Early Entry into the Parks

If you book Minnie & Friends early you can enter the park before anyone else. Sure, you can’t go on rides, but it is so much fun to walk down a practically empty Main St. Plus, you have time to take some great pictures along main st. as you head towards breakfast.

An Incredible Assortment of Characters

When they say Minnie & Friends, they mean a lot of friends. While most character dining experiences have 3-4 characters on our visits to Minnie & Friends we have been visited by at a minimum of 6 characters. There is such a wide variety and every time we go, it is someone new (well. except Minnie). We have had the fairy godmother, fox from Brer Rabbit, Daisy Duck, Eeyore, Tigger and so many more.


The food is not my favorite out of the 4 character dining spots, but it is delicious. There is an omelet bar, a ton of bakery items and of course the oh so delicious Mickey Waffles.


If you are looking for Disneyland Character Dining with a wide variety of characters or you love Minnie Mouse then this is the stop for you.

The price for Minnie & Friends is:

  • $39 adult/$21 child; add tax and 18% tip and you’ll pay $46.00 adult/$27 child
  • If you book through ARES travel pay only ($38.00 for adults and $22 for kids including Tax & Gratuity) You can book here:

Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet at Storyteller’s Cafe in Grand Californian

Disneyland Character DIning

Mickey’s Tale of Adventure Breakfast is a new addition to the Disneyland Character Dining. While character dining is not new Storyteller’s cafe, Mickey’s Tales of Adventures is new. In the past, Storyteller’s had Koda and Kenai from Brother Bear (which to be honest, scared some of my kids). Then it switched to Chip and Dale, but now Mickey has arrived and I have a feeling it will be this way for a very long time.

The Food

What has not changed about Storyteller’s Cafe is the incredible food. This is by far and away the best selection of food. They have delicious applewood smoked bacon, Chilaquiles, four cheese quiche, bagels and lox, omelet bar, some incredible chocolate bread pudding, loaded breakfast nachos. I am telling you, in terms of food, this is the spot. Plus, of course, they have plenty of deliciousness for the kids too with pancakes, french toast, pastries, and Mickey Waffles.

Incredible Juices and Cocktails

It doesn’t stop with the food at Mickey’s Tale of Adventure, the juices and cocktails are incredible too. You can enjoy Minnie’s Aqua Fresca with Pineapple, Cucumber, Mint & Lime or Watermelon Lemon and Basil. Adults can order a mimosa flight, a bloody mary or a sparkling Californian

The Characters

Mickey is a guarantee to be at his breakfast all decked out in his finest hiking gear. It seems to be that most of the time you will also find Minnie, Pluto and Chip & Dale also decked out in their best outdoor gear.


If you want the best food, this is definitely the Disneyland character breakfast to visit. Ages 10 and over: $39.00 plus tax | Ages 3-9: $21.00 plus tax

  • If you book through ARES travel pay only ($38.00 for adults and $22 for kids including Tax & Gratuity) You can book here:


Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast

Disneyland Character DIning

Over at Paradise Pier, Donal Duck has taken over the character breakfast seen with Donald Duck’s seaside breakfast. My daughter has recently been asking for me to take her to this breakfast for one reason, Stitch. Ella’s favorite character has joined Donald and Daisy to serve up some delicious bites.

The Food

Try the build-your-own-parfait stations, chef’s signature flatbreads, egg white frittatas, chilaquiles, smoothies, smoked salmon and more. Little ones will love the Mickey waffles, Minnie pancakes,

Plus, I absolutely love the Bananas Foster French toast

The Characters:

As mentioned above you will have a surfin’ good time with Donald, Daisy, and Stitch. To be honest, I find Donald and Stitch to typically be some of the more fun characters to interact with while at the character breakfasts.


This is one of the two premium dining character experiences. Which means it is a bit more pricey. If I had the choice between the two I would visit one of the other character dining experiences. $53 for adults and $32 for children.

Pay only $49 for adults and $29 for kids (TAX & Gratuity Included) when you book through ARES travel Here

Goofy’s Kitchen at Disneyland Hotel

Ahhhhh Goofy’s Kitchen. This one warms my heart as I still can picture my little one-year-old Owen (now 14) crawling around on the ground playing with Pluto. Tips on how to make a Disneyland Birthday even more special | Global Munchkins

The Food:

One of the things you will find about Goofy’s Kitchen is that your kids will love it. PB &J Pizza, tater tots, Mickey waffles and all that jazz. There are some great dishes for adults as well, and I typically hit up the omelet bar.

Enjoying a character breakfast at Disneyworld with Goofy


Expect to see Chef Goofy, Pluto, Mickey & Minnie at the breakfast. The one thing I love about Goofy’s Breakfast is once an hour they have a celebration and have the kids wave their napkins over their head as the characters dance around to the music.


This is the original Disney Character Dining Experience and definitely not one to be missed. Pricing is $53 for adults and $32 for children + Tax & Gratuity

Pay only $49 for adults and $29 for kids (TAX & Gratuity Included) when you book through ARES travel Here

Final thoughts about choosing the best character dining

No matter which option you choose, you will have a great time. Make sure to allow plenty of time to enjoy the experience, and don’t feel rushed as the servers are moving around rapidly through the restaurant. But, I highly recommend booking one Disneyland Character Dining if you are heading to the Disneyland Resort. As my kids are getting older, these moments I can always look back on and bring a smile to my face. 

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There are four super fun character dining experiences at Disneyland, and unfortunately, they can get pricey, so we break down which is the best option for your family. #disney #disneyland #dining #characterdining #familyvacation #guide #travel #traveltips #trip #travelexperience

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