Disneyworld… this time around with two toddlers!!


Disneyworld seemed to be our go to trip for quite a few years in the beginning and looking back I think it was the perfect fit for our family. Disney allowed us to get out and go somewhere with all the conveniences we needed having two little munchkins along for the ride.


Once again we traveled with our extended family. I’m not sure if we thought we would not be able to entertain ourselves without more people, thought we needed extra hands with the kids or maybe we just wanted to share in the excitement. Whatever the reason it definitely made for some fantastic memories and family bonding.


Maybe it was just for the added entertainment… as I look back at the photos of these little ones at O’hana Restaurant in the Polynesian Resort- ha! Which by the way is a fantastic dinner served up family style at your table. Although, there are no characters there is plenty of entertainment… like limbo obviously, maraca parade and Auntie strumming away on her Ukulele. Plus, did you read above? They serve you family style meaning they bring you big dishes of food right to your table. At the end of the day when your poor theme parked feet are aching you won’t even have to get up and take the kids to the buffet line… now that is my kind of restaurant! Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to my FAVORITE part… dessert is a Bread Pudding a’la mode with an amazing carmel banana drizzle. YUM!!! Tip: order the kids the shaved ice in a bucket and keep all that delicious bread pudding for yourself… just make sure you are wearing your stretchy pants 😉



Rain… rain… what is Orlando without its sudden downpours. Make sure you pack an umbrella or two. Or if you are a DVC Member (Disney Vacation Club) they often have umbrellas you can borrow see above. Too cute!


This trip we did a lot of exploring on the not so popular attractions (i.e. Innoventions, Shows, Character Greetings etc…). The munchkins were not fans of waiting in lines for a ride… see below.



Which brings me to MELTDOWNS… YES! If you travel with toddlers be prepared for the tears, tantrums and pouting. Its just going to happen. But, don’t let that stop you from traveling bc you will miss out on SO many more smiles, giggles and memories that are being made by being together as a family. Plus, someday you will look back at those pictures and laugh. So, my advice… why wait. When a tantrum brews just laugh, snap a pic and move on. Distraction is key here 😉



I mean seriously… how cute are they when they are having a good time!!! I will take the tantrums if I get these moments with them.


Oh, I almost forget make sure to book your character breakfast when you travel with toddlers as this was a hit. You will want to make a reservation early here:


We prefer smaller ones in the hotels vs the parks which seem to always be rushed. The one above is at the Cape May Cafe in the Beach Club Resort.

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