5 Reasons I am Obsessed with Epic! The Leading Kids’ Digital Library!

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Raising five kids is not an easy task, and one of my biggest challenges as a mom was to get all my kids to become excellent readers. Studies show that a home library significantly improves a child’s academic success during the school year and well beyond. That being said, to get your kids to love to read takes not only a lot of time but also a wide variety of books to keep them interested. Recently, I found out about Epic! and it might be the best thing I have come across for my little ones.

Epic! is a digital library with over 25,000 books for kids 12 and under. It’s super simple to use, your child can read online at getepic.com from any computer or download the Epic! app to a phone or tablet. The best part is that your kids have unlimited access to all of the over 25,000 titles.

Epic Digital Library

5 Reasons I am Obsessed with Epic! The Leading Kids’ Digital Library!

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  1. Incredible Selection of Books, Videos & More

The Epic! digital library has over 25,000 titles of books and videos that kids can choose from. Epic’s mission is to nurture a love of reading and learning in kids, so they have an incredible variety of titles to encourage kids to read. This includes award-winning fiction, biographies, STEM, and animals to DIY and more – in a safe, fun, kid-friendly environment. For our family, there are titles like Where the Wild Things Are and Sesame Street for my little five-year-old, plus titles like A Wrinkle in Time & the Big Nate Series keep my eleven and twelve-year-old kids reading for hours. 

Epic Digital Library

  1. Customized Reading for each of your kids

When you first set up Epic! you will be instructed to create a profile for each of your kids. Epic! asks for the age of your child and different topics he or she might be interested in. You can choose categories such as mystery, sports, arts & crafts and more! I recommend doing this with your kids as you will be surprised to find out the things they are interested in learning. Parents can create up to 4 customizable child profiles per account (for no additional cost). Once the profile is set up, your child’s homepage will be filled with titles that your child will enjoy. Each child receives personalized recommendations based on their reading level and interests.

Epic Digital Library

  1. Read-to-Me Feature

I have to be honest, as a mom of five kids I wish I had more time to read to my kids, and while I always try to find time to read them stories sometimes I am just too tired or run out of time. With the Epic! digital library, there are so many books for the little kids that have a “read-to-me” feature. This option allows your child to have a book read to them, which is perfect for my five-year-old daughter who is just starting to learn to read.

The “read-to-me” feature isn’t just a voiceover, sometimes there is music behind the words and sound effects. This really keeps the attention for my little one. She absolutely loves Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed as it plays a song as they read along.

Another feature of the “read-to-me” feature is the book highlights the word being read so that your child can start grasping that each word has a sound and a meaning. And for older kids they can click on any word, and Epic! will give them the definition and read the word aloud.

 Epic Digital Library

  1. Kid’s Earn Badges, Rewards & Levels

One of my biggest challenges when getting my kids to read is motivating them to actually read. While I have a couple natural bookworms, some of my kids need a little extra motivation. Epic! encourages kids to read with rewards to earn badges for every task they complete. This includes finishing their first book, reading for a certain amount of time, reading in the morning and a whole bunch more. I love seeing Olivia’s eyes light up when she gets a badge. My two older kids use the badges and levels as motivation to see who can earn the most badges and the highest level, which really works to my advantage. I think the rewards they enjoy the most is earning new Avatars.

One other feature my husband checked out was to see if the kids can beat the system. Epic! is pretty smart as my husband tried to quickly flip through a book and mark it as finished. Epic! knows how long a book should take to read and let him know he would need to “read a little longer to complete this book”.

Epic Digital Library


  1. Trackable, plus connect to your child’s classroom. 

Lastly, as a mom, I want to know what my child is reading and for how long they are reading. Epic! sets me up with a Parent profile which allows me to track pretty much everything my kids are reading. I can see which books they are reading, how long they have read and the achievements they have earned.

In addition, Epic! is used in 87% of Elementary schools so often times you can connect your child’s account directly to their teacher. You will be able to see what your child is reading in class and the assignments the teacher gives your child. It’s a really great resource.

Epic Digital Library

Try Epic! The Leading Kids’

Right now, you can get a 2-month free trial by signing up with my link HERE to have access to over 25,000 titles. Use my code AMBER and Visit http://bit.ly/Amber_EpicBlogFreeTrial to get started on having an incredible home library!


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