52 Weeks of Gratitude

I came across this blog post and immediately became fascinated with the idea of challenging myself to be grateful each week for an entire year.

I have been in such a funk lately and it upsets me because my life is overall pretty fantastic. However, sometimes while acting as a shuttle for 5 kids, helping with homework, making dinners, packing lunches, working on my two businesses and trying to blog I end up exhausted and grumpy. In the midst of all that chaos I lose sight of whats important and that is where the bad mood sets in. So, when I saw this challenge it seemed like the perfect fix. It would force me to sit down each week and focus on a new area in my life and reflect on why I am grateful for it.

Here are the prompts I’ve created. Feel free to try them out yourself-


How do you practice gratefulness?

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  • Ashleigh says:

    This is a really great chart. I was actually just talking with my husband about being grateful and how we can live a grateful life. Thank you for sharing this list, pinned!!

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