A New Kind of Smart Phone to Gift This Holiday Season

Our phones have become pretty essential parts of our everyday lives. They are where we receive up to date news alerts, check up on our friends and family, store our photos, and (if you’re anything like me!) get most of our shopping done. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a phone that could serve you even better? Well, ROKiT is doing just that. Their phones have some pretty amazing capabilities including GLASSES-FREE 3-D (on some models), Tele-Medicine, Roadside Assistance & more! Plus, they are affordable, too. They would probably make for an awesome gift for a couple of people in your life this holiday season as well, especially when you consider their Black Friday Deals. Read on to find out about how ROKiT is changing the phone game + the coming up sale!

What is special about ROKiT Phones? 

NEW 3-D Phone from ROKiT.

Connectivity is very important in today’s world, but it can come with a hefty price tag. ROKiT offers the world’s first smartphone complete with the ROKiT Medical, ROKiT Talk, ROKiT Entertainment, ROKiT Media, ROKiT Roadside and ROKiT Life. All these services make connectivity more affordable along with other necessities. You can have access to a doctor on the phone, discounted pharmaceuticals, roadside assistance, family legal services, insurance (accidental death, burial, and identity theft), and international calls to any phone. Most of which are ideal services for traveling families!

Keep in mind a couple of things;

  • You will have to buy cell service separately. The phones come unlocked and are compatible with any GSM wireless carrier. 
  • All iO phones come with 3 months of ROKiT Entertainment, ROKiT Talk, and ROKiT Medical.
  • F-One and One come with 3 months of ROKiT Medical.

Glasses-Free 3-D

Glasses FREE 3-D phone


One of the coolest things of all that ROKiT has done is adding 3D to some of their phones. They have the world’s largest 3D library filled with content for all ages. 

ROKiT Services

NEW 3-D Phone from ROKiT.

ROKiT Medical

The ROKiT Medical service provides MeMD’s nationwide telemedicine service and a national network of US-licensed, board-certified medical providers. It also includes a prescription savings card to use at your pharmacy. The telemedicine service means you can call a doctor any time of day and receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. They can even provide you with a prescription for certain medications. This is an incredible service because you skip out on paying copays for minor ailments and you won’t have to wait days to get in to see the doctor.  

phone service with Tele-Medicine services and roadside assistance

ROKiT Roadside 

This is a roadside assistance service. They provide everything from towing, jump start or battery service, tire change or flat tire assistance, fuel delivery, basic locksmith services like a lost key or being locked out, and more.

Glasses FREE 3-D phone

ROKiT Life

ROKiT Life is the sweetest deal of all. You get a bundle of the two services above along with;

  • Burial & Cremation Insurance
  • Family Legal Services
  • ID Theft Protection

ROKiT Talk & Wifi Calling

ROKiT Talk is an international and domestic calling platform that enables unlimited outbound domestic and international calls to 60 countries. It is included with every ROKiT phone. This means you can get a fairly cheap data plan because you will already have ROKiT Talk to connect through. 

ROKiT Entertainment

ROKiT Media

This service is comprised of a streaming service with 20,000 free & pay per view titles, music channels with personalized recommendations, and 400 chart-topping games. 

Your ROKiT Phone Options

 ROKiT iO Pro 3D

Cost: $299.99 

This is the top-notch phone available from ROKiT and it is a GSM Network Android with 4G LTE. The screen is a 5.99″ touchscreen display with Full HD+ and glasses-free 3D. It also has a dual rear camera and a front camera. 

This phone comes with 3 months of ROKiT Entertainment, ROKiT Talk, and ROKiT Medical.

ROKiT iO Light

Cost: $89.99

This is also a GSM Network Android, but with 3G/2G instead of 4G like the above option. It has a 5″ touchscreen display, a rear-facing and front-facing camera. 

This phone comes with 3 months of ROKiT Entertainment, ROKiT Talk, and ROKiT Medical.


Cost: $39.99

The two phones listed above are by far the best quality but if you are looking for an affordable option the next to options will still provide you with all the services you need. The F-One is a GSM Network Android flip phone with 3G. It has a 2.4″ display, a rear-facing camera, and built-in FM radio.


Cost: $34.99

The One is similar to the F-One as far as features go, so the biggest difference is really just that this is a bar phone rather than a flip phone. 

Black Friday Deals from ROKiT

Get $100 off the ROKiT iO 3D and ROKiT iO Pro 3D smartphones from November 16-December 2. You can purchase the phones online from ROKiT or at Walmart!


use code “MOMTRENDS” at check out to extend the $100 OFF through Dec. 31, 2019.


Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a young family, a grandparent, or a family member that lives far away who you just don’t get to talk to enough I think ROKiT would make the perfect gift. 



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