The BEST Coffee Subscription + GIVEAWAY!!!

I’ve become a coffee connoisseur of sorts and over the years which has made me pretty picky about my brew. Which is why I am SO excited to share with you the BEST coffee subscription I’ve ever tried from True Coffee. Plus, several of YOU will win some of their amazing coffee to try for yourself. But, before I get into the giveaway I want you to understand what makes me LOVE this coffee so much.

The BEST Coffee Subscription + GIVEAWAY!!!

Why True Coffee is The Best Coffee Subscription #coffee #coffeesubscription #truecoffee #fairtrade

What is True Coffee?

True Coffee is a premium specialty coffee subscription service that delivers new exotic coffees every month to your door. What I love is that each bag of coffee is freshly roasted with precision and care. And, each shipment comes with a summary card explaining the story behind each bag of coffee. Plus, True Coffee Company also publishes the complete story, with more detail, and photos for each coffee on our website.

Why True Coffee is The Best Coffee Subscription #coffee #coffeesubscription #truecoffee #fairtrade

Turns out I’m not the only fan. True Coffee Company has been recommended by Forbes, spinn, and loop & tie.

What makes True Coffee the BEST Coffee Subscription Service?

True Coffee Company prides itself on offering hand sourced specialty coffee. Their curated coffees come from single-family farms (3-5 acres typically) also known as micro-lot coffee.

Not only do they source their beans from these smaller farms but True Coffee founders also hand select each farm for exceptional quality, uniqueness, and taste. This separates them from most specialty or premium coffee companies and makes them stand out as the best coffee subscription service.

Get fresh roasted beans delivered to your door from True Coffee

True Coffee Company also stands out as the best because of their award-winning roasting team. Some of the awards and competitions they’ve participated in recently include Cup Tasters Championship, US Coffee Championships, Brewer’s Cup, and Good Food Awards.

The team roasts the coffee weekly to guarantee freshness and delivers directly to your door so it’s never sitting on a shelf. Another reason why they’re the absolute best coffee subscription you can get.

What really wins over my heart is the fact that a portion of every sale supports their farmers and not-for-profit organizations working in the communities that grow their coffee – going beyond “fair trade”.

Roast Date + Why It Matters

True Coffee is roasted locally every week by an award-winning team – not curated from other roasters or purchased off the shelf from a wholesaler. They roast with precision, pack with care, and quickly ship your orders fresh so that you can experience these amazing coffees at their peak.

Win a year of coffee from True Coffee Company!!! #giveaway #coffee #coffeesubscription

Often times coffee purchased at your grocery store or even local coffee shop may have been roasted a month or more before you get it home to enjoy. Coffee is best enjoyed five days to up to four weeks after roasting. After that, the balanced juicy flavors fade into dull, stale, cardboard-like and sometimes bitter notes.

With True Coffee, you know your coffee will always be fresh making it the best coffee subscription service.

Customer Benefits

A great roast is one of the things that sets True Coffee Company apart as the best coffee subscription service but I would have to add that I think their commitment to customer service is pretty awesome too. Check out some of these perks to being a True Coffee Company Subscriber/ Customer.

Win a year of coffee from True Coffee Company!!! #giveaway #coffee #coffeesubscription

  • Rewards program with loyalty points redeemable for discounts, coffee, and gifts
  • Exclusive access to limited edition coffees 
  • Early access to new coffees
  • Members only coffee training including Brewing Guides and Coffee Courses!!

They also offer tons of great tips on their blog including a 5-Part series on homebrewing.  That series of 5 articles covers most of the basic topics and can help you brew the perfect cup. I loved this series. I never considered water temperature before.

How True Coffee Gives Back

As most of you know we adopted Shea from Ethiopia in 2010 at the age of 4. After spending time in his birth country I was fortunate to meet all kinds of amazing local farmers. Their passion for their crops really made me appreciate the value of being able to choose where I spend my hard-earned dollars. I left the country promising to always seek out organizations and companies that aligned with my values of giving back and True Coffee Company definitely won me over in this area.

Founder’s David (in the cowboy hat) and Mike Grubbs (David’s dad on the right) started True Coffee as a way provided sustainable long term support to not-for-profit organizations and families working in developing communities they were already supporting.  David was on honeymoon in Kenya and Tanzania with his wife Daniella volunteering at a school and orphanage when he was told that $1000 per year would feed their 100 students. As it turns out, surrounding the school were fields of some of the very best coffee in the world.  These small family owned farms were the key to sustainable support.

Today True Coffee hand sources incredible coffees from these 3-5 acre family farms and a generous portion of sales go right back to supporting not-for-profit organizations supporting education, family development, and medicine in the communities where they buy their coffee.

For more about how True Coffee gives back or to learn about their partner organizations click here

COFFEE FOR A YEAR GIVEAWAY!!! (multiple winners + over $500 in prizes)

Win Coffee for a Year #coffee #coffeesubscription #truecoffee #fairtrade

COFFEE FOR A YEAR GIVEAWAY!!! (multiple winners + over $500 in prizes)


Grand Prize:

1 year of Coffee (12-month prepaid specialty coffee subscription) – $240 value

2nd place:

6-month prepaid specialty coffee subscription ($120 value)

3rd place:

3-month prepaid specialty coffee subscription ($65 value)

4th place:

Four Specialty Coffee Gift Set ($65 value)

5th place:

Two Specialty Coffee Gift Pack ($32 value)

*True Coffee Company guarantee shipment of all prizes within one week of the winners being selected on April 4th (they roast every Tuesday so they will ship the Wednesday after their latest roasting – for best freshness).


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