Best Fortnite Headset for your kiddos at an extremely affordable price

As a family that loves to travel, we are always on the go! But when we are not, our boys are all over video games and specifically Fortnite! That is why we are so excited to share what in our opinion is the best fortnite headset! At an extremely affordable price of $60 the Turtle Beach Recon 200 is an absolute BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

Best Fortnite Headset for your kiddos at an extremely affordable price!

Best Fortnite Headset

Durability and Battery Life

With 5 kids there are a ton of electronics in our household and it seems like every few minutes I hear someone yelling “Who took my charger?” (to be honest, sometimes that person is me). The 12-hour charge on the Turtle Beach Recon 200 is spectacular as it is some of the best battery life I have ever seen and for a headset at such an affordable price, it is incredible! It is one less thing we have to worry about constantly charging. My kids usually charge it just a couple times throughout the week. My kids love how comfortable the headset is while they are playing many hours of Fortnite. The synthetic leather with foam cushioning and its metal-reinforced headband this headset is extremely durable allowing endless fun and use without a need to buy a new headset any time soon, and that is one less expense for this Mom

turtle beach

Turtle Beach Recon Sound Quality –

From a professional gamer to a casual gamer these headsets are the best as they offer some of the most crisp sounds you could ever get out of a headset! This headset is packed with prestige, High Quality 40mm speakers powered by its next level rechargeable battery! What makes these the best Fortnite headsets is that not only does this allow you to pick up on gunshots way out in the distance, but the headset also gives you a distinct tactical advantage for any close range battles as you receive subtle audio cues that allow you to locate your enemy. For a game like Fortnite this is absolutely crucial to have. This is also equipped with a High-end Bass so you are not just listening to the bass but also feeling the bass!

Best fortnite headset

Microphone – Kids & Moms Love

This headset contains some outstanding side controls and mic features! Featuring Variable Mic Monitoring allowing you to hear your own voice as you adjust your mic sensitivity so you will never be the one shouting among friends in a party. And as a mom, that’s a real plus to not have kids yelling on their headsets throughout the house. It also includes a very useful feature known as a Flip-Up Mic which allows you to mute yourself by easily just flipping up your mic! I won’t get into it but trust me there were times where my kids wished they had this simple but amazing feature!

Turtle Beach Recon 200


This headset is specifically designed for Xbox and PS4, although Turtle Beach did a great job at making this headset perform well for every platform including Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile as well. The Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset also has a Surround Sound Exclusive for Xbox allowing the audio cues to perform even better and sound even more crisp making this Headset an Absolute for all Xbox players! This truly is some of the best Fortnite headsets for kids and moms. Currently, you can get these headsets for only $59.95 on Amazon

Do you have gamers in your house? What are their favorite choices of headsets?

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