Our Family’s Rule On Fitness + My Favorite Protein For Kids

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As a family, we value kindness, positive & respectful attitudes, and we also practice gratitude. That includes having respect for the bodies we were given. So, I stock my favorite protein for kids in the fridge + keep a clean pantry to help encourage healthy eating habits. Plus, we encourage physical activity by playing games outside as a family or swimming together in our pool.

Our Family’s Rule On Fitness + My Favorite Protein For Kids

The best protein for kids is one that can be mixed into fun healthy smoothies and treats like FAGE Total Plain Yogurt.

Health has always been a top priority after losing my husband’s mother to ALS early on in our marriage. We realized how short and precious life is and we also gained a new respect for our healthy bodies. So, as parents, we have talked to our kids about what a blessing it is to wake up each morning with a healthy body. We also talk about how it is our unique responsibility to give our bodies the things that it needs to stay healthy. Including eating healthy foods and keeping our bodies active.

One of the things I noticed my kids struggled with early on was getting enough protein. They are not huge meat-eaters so I went on a search to find a healthy protein for kids. Initially, I allowed some protein bars and powders but as I researched more I realized they usually had too many additives or were too high in sugar.

Why FAGE Total Plain Yogurt is a Great Protein for Kids

Then one day I started swapping our protein powder for FAGE Total Plain Yogurt in the kids’ smoothies. The kids loved the creaminess the yogurt added and they enjoyed the flavor more too. 

The best protein for kids is one that can be mixed into fun healthy smoothies and treats like FAGE Total Plain Yogurt.

I was happy because FAGE Total Plain Yogurt is all natural, Non-GMO Project Verified, contains live active yogurt cultures, and has no added sugar. I mean you can’t ask for a better protein for kids. From then on we were hooked. As time went on we experimented with yogurt parfaits (check out our DIY yogurt bar here), blended FAGE Total Plain Yogurt with nut butter and 72% dark chocolate chips to make a healthy treat and more!

FAGE Yogurt- an excellent source of protein for kids

Needless to say, FAGE Total Plain Yogurt became a staple in our fridge. I know even use it as a substitute in many of my recipes that call for sour cream and heavy cream. You can find a bunch of great recipes that incorporate FAGE Total Plain Yogurt here.

On-The-Go Protein for Kids

We are always super busy with the kids running them to and from sports practices or activities and while we could prep and pack a yogurt parfait for the road we have found a much simpler option. 

FAGE Total Split Cups. These handy grab-and-go snacks are packed with the healthy protein we love from FAGE’s Total Plain Yogurt and paired with a delicious fruit topping that happens to have 30% less sugar (11 grams is all they have) and no artificial or zero-calorie sweeteners. *You can read more about their reduced sugar here.

They taste incredible and the whole family loves them, even Liv who is my pickiest eater. Plus, all you need to do is grab one out of the fridge and enjoy it! My favorite, as I have mentioned before in this article, is the Blueberry- Acai. Ella and Liv love the Strawberry and Key Lime flavors and the boys can’t get enough of the Mango.

FAGE Yogurt- an excellent source of protein for kids

The kids eat them in the morning for a quick breakfast before swim practice, they make a satisfying snack and because we only have desserts on special occasions & trips, they grab these when they feel like something sweet after dinner too!

Our Family’s Rule Around Fitness

As I mentioned we encourage physical activity through play which is one of the reasons we recently added a backyard pool and multi-game court. It was important to us that the kids grew up with a healthy attitude around exercise. We wanted them to understand that moving their bodies feels good versus it being a chore to mark off.

Family on backyard court from Sport Court

We also encourage youth sports. Not only do they enjoy playing activities with their kids but they also learn important skills like teamwork too. Our kids have been involved in swim, soccer, ballet, tennis, flag football, equestrian, basketball, and gymnastics. 

Of all the things we can teach our kids, I think there is so much value in helping them understand how to take care of their health. We only get one body, and we have to treat it right.

FAGE Total Split Cup- a great protein for kids

How do you encourage healthy habits? 

You can find FAGE Total Plain Yogurt and FAGE Total Split Cups by checking their store locator here.


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