Our Go-To Smoothie Recipes + #1 Smoothie Maker!

Smoothies are a staple in our household, both for the kids and for me. This being said, there is rarely a day that goes by that we aren’t getting our Blendtec smoothie maker out of the cabinet once or twice (okay, maybe three times). We all have a favorite smoothie of our own with all sorts of healthy, nutritious things we pack into them.

I think we have become such a big smoothie family because we are always on the go and they are easy to whip up quick and bring along with you whether you’re headed to basketball practice drop-offs or running errands. Plus, we have learned that if we fill up on a healthy smoothie we won’t get hungry and be tempted to eat junk. 

Go To Smoothie Recipes [& Everything You Need to Make Them!]

*I am an affiliate for Blendtec after reaching out to them because I was obsessed with their blenders. This post contains affiliate links. 

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Why the Obsession with Smoothies?

Along with being quick and easy to make, I seriously love the health benefits of smoothies. Smoothies make it easy to incorporate whole food into our diet, and as you will see with the recipes below, we are still cutting sugars with them. I love to feel good (who doesn’t?) but have struggled with stomach issues for years. I’ve found out there are two things that help keep me balanced; cutting sugar and eating whole foods. For me, it is no longer about dieting but about finding fresh, delicious whole foods. 

I don’t think we talk about choosing foods that keep our bodies healthy & fueled enough in society today, so I also want to pass this along to my kiddos and encourage a love of healthy foods. With 5 kids, it’s hard to find foods that please everybody but smoothies are totally customizable! Camden likes adding protein and nut butter into his smoothies, whereas Shea makes his more tropical and usually puts them in a bowl topped with oats. Totally different tastes buds, but satisfied with many of the same base ingredients! 

The BEST Smoothie Maker

Like I said above, we use our Blendtec every single day. It is for sure the #1 smoothie maker that we have tried! Our blender is from the designer series, but there is also a classic and a pro series depending on what you are looking for!

BlendtecFit Smoothie Maker

We own the BlendtecFit, which is perfect for any household. This smoothie maker has the power of a commercial blender! It also has a four-button design that gives you complete control with one-touch technology. You will have the option of high pulse and low pulse, as well as the ability to easily add on 10 seconds until you’ve reached the consistency you want. I love how easy it is to use because it allows for my teens to use it on their own. The jar is also BPA-free and has a vented latching lid. Learn more about the BlendtecFit here!

If you are on the go like us, I would highly recommend checking out the travel jar attachment. It is a reusable cup that attaches right to the blender. After blending, you pop on the travel lid and you’re ready to go. I would say we use it about 99% of the time because it is just so easy and minimizes clean up. 

Blendtec Designer 725

Another option is the Blendtec Designer 725 and it is so high tech and sleek, yet simple to use. It is a high-performance blender. They call it the “blender with a brain” and I couldn’t agree more. It will even tell you when it senses a problem like an air pocket so that you can fix it! The programmed settings make it easy to whip up any recipe. There are six pre-programmed settings; smoothie, salsa, ice cream, whole juice, hot soup, and clean.

However, it also has 100 speeds you can choose from and will tell you which to use depending on whether you are stirring, chopping, mixing, blending, or pureeing. You will feel like you are using a professional blender in some fancy chef’s kitchen every time you use it.  Goals!

Go To Smoothie Recipes + Print Out

Below are all the kids’ favorite smoothie recipes as well as my favorite green smoothie recipes, all of which we blend up in our BlendtecFit smoothie maker. Keep in mind you can switch out the scoop of protein in these recipes for 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt.

Chocolate Smoothie

1 cup almond milk
Single tbsp of cocoa powder
1 frozen banana
4-6 ice cubes

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1/2 cup juice
1/2 cup water
40 grams of frozen strawberries
1/2 frozen banana
4-6 ice cubes

Download the Print out Here to Make Your Own Smoothies!!! → Smoothies Print Out 

Tropical Smoothie

1/2 cup juice
1/2 cup water
40 grams of frozen pineapple
40 g frozen mango
4-6 ice cubes

PB Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

1 cup almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 tsp cinnamon
4-6 ice cubes

My Personal Favorite- Green Smoothie

best smoothie maker

I follow the BeWELL Smoothie Formula: 1 serving Protein + 1 serving Fiber+ unlimited Greens + 1/4 cup Fructose +2 tbsp Fat + Liquid + Superfood (bewellbykelly.com)

I love to use Orgain Peanut Butter Protein Powder, flax seeds for fiber, any greens we have in the house, lemon & bananas, peanut butter, and almond milk. As for superfood, Primal Kitchen Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fuel, sea salt, and Tumeric are a couple of my favorites to add. Blend it all up in your smoothie maker and voila! 

Daily Harvest; Easiest Recipe to Blend Up in Your Smoothie Maker

For weeks that I know our schedules are going to be jam-packed, I love turning to Daily Harvest. They have yummy options the kids love as well as really delicious energizing green smoothies with a good balance of fruits and vegetables. Simply choose your favorite flavors, place your order and they arrive in single-serve packaging. Then, you just pop the frozen ingredients from the package into your smoothie blender with the liquid of your choice. You guys, it is so easy!

They totally fit in with our focus on whole foods and cutting sugar. Daily Harvest fills their recipes with superfoods. Their ingredients are real, unprocessed, and unrefined. We have a whole article about why we love them so much and it lists our favorite flavors, check it out!

*Side note; we always use our personal blender attachment with our Blendtec smoothie maker so that clean up is even quicker. 

best smoothie maker

All Our Favorite Add-Ins for Smoothing Making

I definitely recommend getting creative and finding the mix of ingredients that not only tastes the best but makes you feel the best! Here is a list of our favorite ingredients, any of which make a great addition to your smoothie. 

Fage Plain Yogurt

This has been our go-to yogurt choice for a long time now. I love that it is rich a creamy meaning just a little bit can go a long way in your smoothie. 

Orgain Peanut Butter Protein Powder

Orgain Protein Powder is usually our #1 choice. It is organic, plant-based, and has no added sugar. It also tastes great and blends super easily. 

Orgain Vanilla Protein Power

Just like I said above! We love having the option of vanilla or peanut butter in our house at all times. 

Primal Kitchen Chocolate Coconut Protein Powder

Primal Kitchen also makes a wonderful protein powder. It is Paleo approved and soy-free. The flavor is delicious! 

Off Beat Nut Butters

Nut butter is one of our favorite smoothie additions! The Off Beat flavors are out of this world and have quickly become a staple in our household. Salted Caramel, Lemon Coconut Bliss, Aloha… yum!

Georgia Grinders Nut Butters

 If you are looking for a nut butter without any added flavor, Georgia Grinders are a great choice. They are made with simple ingredients and GMO-free. Oh, and they’re Oprah’s favorite which is reason alone to try them in my book!  

Nature Valley Protein Granola

These clusters are another way to add some protein to your smoothie. They are simple whole-grain oats sweetened with real honey. 

Frozen Fruits

We always have frozen fruit on hand in our freezer in re-usable plastic bags from The Container Store. We usually have a big stock of bananas and then just whatever else I am feeling for the week. 

best smoothie maker


Sharing is caring! If you have a smoothie recipe you love or an ingredient I’m missing out on, I need to hear it!

Feel free to leave it in the comments or head over to Instagram to send me a message!

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