The Best Busy Mom Workout Routine [+ Fabletics Review]

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Can we talk about working out for a minute? Most of us moms either hate it or think we don’t have time for it, am I right? Well, the truth is we need it! We need it to stay sane because our lives are hecka busy, we need it because it makes us feel more confident, strong, and beautiful, and we need it because it keeps us healthy and teaches our kids to take care of their bodies too. But, finding a workout routine, we actually love + one that we will actually stick too isn’t easy. Luckily, with my 5 tips, you will be on your way to a happy workout routine in no time.

The Best Busy Mom Workout Routine [+ Fabletics Review]

Workout Gear for Moms- Fabletics Review

1 ) Dress The Part

One of the best rules I ever made for myself regarding working out was forcing myself to dress the part. Just like I wouldn’t go to a meeting with a top client in sweats and sneakers. I don’t start a workout without my favorite workout gear. I think it’s a mental thing. Whenever I am working out in clothes that actually fit right, are stylish, and comfortable I kill it at the gym, on my runs, and even at home. It gives me that extra pep in my step, a boost of confidence and those feels are part of the reason I am working out in the first place.

Fabletics Review

One of my favorite lines of workout apparel is Fabletics. With inspiring new collections coming out each month, complete outfits starting at just $49.95, the convenience of personal picks delivered straight to your door each month + free shipping & free returns, not to mention the flexibility to skip the month without being charged you really can’t beat it! Plus, the quality is top-notch! *Tip- in order to avoid being charged make sure you cancel by the 5th of the month. I always set an alarm for the 1st.

Workout Gear for Moms- Fabletics Review

Another reason I love Fabletics is that you can easily go from the “gym to the street” in their styles. Meaning I can head to a Pilates class in the morning after I drop the munchkins off at school and then I can easily run a few errands afterward without feeling slumpy and embarrassed. A must when you are a super busy mama like me. Plus, I’m not going to lie these clothes look cute enough just to wear out whether you are running to the supermarket or grabbing coffee with a girlfriend.

2) Schedule It In

I’m a total planner which is good and bad. Bad because if it isn’t on my schedule it isn’t going to happen. So, over time I have realized that all of my self-care and workout routines MUST be literally written into my schedule.

Fabletics Review

During the summers when the sun was out early I found that working out before the kids woke up was the easiest option. But, after the time changed and it was still dark at 5 am I had to adjust. Now I am enjoying working out daily from 3-4pm. It is right after the kids get home and get settled. Liv naps at that time and the kids start their homework and chores while I hop on the elliptical or do some weight training at home (I rotate between the two every other day).

3) Find Workouts You Enjoy

I remember picking up an O, Magazine a while back and it mentioned adding back the things in your life that brought you the most joy during childhood. I have applied this to my workouts after watching the kids run around and play. I realized they were getting in their workouts by having fun and I decided it makes a whole lot more sense. I have tried Yoga, Pilates, HIIT and more. As a kid, I also loved gymnastics so the girls and I get a kick out of doing cartwheels and handstands too.

Workout Gear for Moms- Fabletics Review

I highly suggest you try it. That way you actually look forward to your workouts versus dreading them. And, remember what works for me may not be what works for you. One of my best girlfriends and my sister in law are obsessed with Cycle Bar, but I almost passed out the first I tried cycling. And, my nieces love Orange Theory. So, try those free class passes and find your sweet spot!

4)Do It Because Of How It Makes You Feel (versus to lose weight)

This was a big one for me. In the past, I was always working out to try and lose weight but it wasn’t a sustainable option. I would get frustrated and start a nasty downward spiral. After, being diagnosed with super high LDL cholesterol (#ThanksGenetics) my mindset changed. I no longer wanted to stick to a healthy routine just to downsize, now it was all about my overall health. I wanted to feel good knowing I was making the right choices to ensure that I was doing my part to keep my health in check.

The Best Busy Mom Workout Routine, plus Fabletics Review.

The blessing was when I took the weight stuff out of the equation I actually started realizing and paying attention to how I felt after exercising. I noticed that I was less stressed, more patient with the kids, made better-eating choices, and had more energy whenever I worked out. Turns out the desire to feel good is way more motivating to me than losing a pound.

5) Enlist a Friend

Another great option is enlisting a friend to be your workout buddy. Having someone to hold you accountable to your goals, not wanting to leave someone hanging at the pilates studio those are all great motivating factors that can help you stay on track too.

What are your best workout tips?

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  • So, not a mom, obviously, but I absolutely endorse your tips.

    What I’d add is that, while you need to schedule your workouts, you don’t need to schedule a single workout. Every weekday morning, I: walk the dogs, make lunches for my wife and kids, make coffee, and get the kids dressed — each of those, obviously, needs to be done. However, I’ll take just a minute or two between each task and squeeze in some strength training or a quick high-intensity cardio (just a minute or two). It makes me feel great, allows me to get everything I need to “get in,” done, and doesn’t make me feel guilty for taking an hour of “me time” or something.

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