Awesome Fashionable Kids Fanny Pack for your Traveling Girl

Awhile back I came across an adorable company called HipCity Sak. I knew immediately it was the PERFECT gift for my daughter (aka my Fashionista) Ella. Not only is this purse super trendy (ok it’s really a kids fanny pack) and useful, it’s also a great way to teach young girls how to travel safely with a purse. And, I can guarantee moms will love it because it also means our girls can carry their own things!! Yay!!

Awesome Fashionable Kids Fanny Pack for your Traveling Girl HipCity Sak- a Review


My daughter absolutely LOVES her HipCity Sak and I have to agree its pretty awesome.

What She Loves-

Ella loves how cute the HipCity Sak is and the fact that she can fit everything she needs right inside. Ella also loves that she can be independent and not have to rely on me to carry her things for her. Probably because I would often answer no when she asked- being one of five kids means moms already carrying enough stuff!).

Ella says she loves that the purse attaches to her body versus carrying a purse on her shoulder because she can’t lose it as easily. *Note: She has lost several purses by putting them on a chair when she ate or hanging them in a bathroom stall and forgetting about them.  With a kids fanny pack, there is NO reason to take it off so the chance you will lose the purse is greatly reduced.


Source: HipCity Sak

Ella also loves that the HipCity Sak also has accessory pieces. There were several times on our last trip to Hawaii that she chose to wear the belt with accessories instead of the purse attachment just to add some pizzaz to her outfit.

And, its not just for vacations Ella reports loving being able to carry her own money to Target and the mall with mom and paying for her own treats. She also thinks its a fantastic way to carry her puppy’s treats and clean up bags when she takes her puppy named Paris for a walk!


What I Love-

As a woman who loves to travel, I have learned to take several precautions wherever I go. This includes having an across the body purse to make it less likely that I would be pickpocketed. So, I love that the HipCity Sak is a purse that is worn on the front of the body and attached to my daughter in a fashionable way. It’s functional and fashionable. I also love that the HipCity Sak teaches my daughter independence. She gets to bring the things she wants to bring her chapstick, hand sanitizer, shopkins etc… and I don’t have to worry about carrying them for her. This also helps her learn responsibility because she has to take care of the things she chooses to bring with her. She is only allowed to bring what she can fit comfortably in her bag which limits the number of items she can bring. Again teaching another lesson in prioritizing and making good choices.


source: HipCity Sak


I can easily say this kids fanny pack (aka purse) will be loved by any little girl ages 4-10 years old who loves carrying a purse or bringing items with her wherever she goes. And, I guarantee her mother will love it too! Check Prices Here!

Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift! HipCity_Sak_Review_Global_Munchkins

*You can NOW find the HipCity Sak on Amazon

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*A special thanks to HipCity Sak who generously sent us a hands-free purse and accessories for my daughter to try for purposes of this review. My opinion is, as always, 100% my own. *
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