5 Myths About Hardwood Floors- We’re Debunking Them!

Choosing the right type of hardwood flooring. Everything you need to know about color, texture, plank sizing and more.

You’re considering hardwood floors but you’re worried about some of the horror stories you’ve heard. First of all, take a deep breath. The truth about living with hardwood flooring may surprise you! We went back and forth between many flooring choices when renovating our home, and I am so happy we made the choice to go with hardwoods. 

5 Myths About Hardwood Floors

Choosing the right type of hardwood flooring. Everything you need to know about color, texture, plank sizing and more.

1. They are too expensive.

Okay, yes, the cost to have wood floors installed may cost you a little bit more upfront but consider the big picture. Hardwood floors are a long term investment. Their durability allows them to be functional for upwards of 25-years when given proper care. You can refinish them multiple times over those years if you so desire. They have also been shown to significantly increase the value of a home if moving is ever in your future. 

The cost might seem like more now, but in the long run, hardwood can save you money big time! Carpet harbors dirt and bacteria and needs to be replaced every few years. Tile quickly goes out of style and vinyl just doesn’t give your space that luxurious feeling it deserves. Hardwood is timeless and can adapt to your ever-changing style.

The price tag might scare you now but consider the cost of replacing your carpet anywhere from 3-5 times in that same 25 years. Don’t forget all of that time and effort moving your furniture to allow for installation. You’ll quickly see that taking the time and money to invest in hardwood now is a great option not only for right now but also for the future.

2. Hardwood floors show every speck of dirt.

engineered wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators Virginia Millworks

Is this true? Kind of, but hear this one out. When light shines in, especially from a natural light source, dirt can seem to magically appear on those beautiful hardwood floors. However, the natural grain and texture do their part in hiding dirt and debris. 

Look at it this way- do you want your floors to hide filth? Of course not! The dirt that does show on hardwood floors can actually be a good thing. If you see it then you know you need to clean it, unlike carpet which can hide dirt and mold deep within its fibers and padding. Being in tune with your floor’s dirty little secrets can actually help you keep you and your family healthier and your home cleaner.

Not to mention those smells! Carpet traps pet odors, mildew and who knows what else. If you burn food on the stove one time your carpet will never let you hear the end of it. It’s just a fact of life with carpet, but not with hardwood. Wood’s tendency to not absorb stinky smells will help keep your home fresh and inviting.

3. Hardwood floors are difficult to maintain.

Nope. This one is just flat out not true. A dry dust mop will work wonders on a hardwood floor for everyday cleaning. A damp mop should be used sparingly for those really hard to get messes. And remember, damp means no water dripping from the mop. Wood floors don’t take kindly to excessive water which can cause warping and staining.

The surface may need refinishing after several years depending on the upkeep you do. The good news is that refinishing typically only needs to be done every 7-10 years. There’s also good news for people who hate mopping- you don’t have to! If you just simply hate to mop then break out your broom or vacuum instead. Hardwood’s firm surface gives you many options when it comes to cleaning. Your days of scrubbing and shampooing stains are over.

Basically, if you keep your floors dry and give them a little bit of love every once in a while, they will serve you well for many years.

4. Kids and pets will ruin hardwood floors.

hardwood floor myths

Our hardwood floors lived through the holiday madness!

Sure, kids and pets are unfiltered, unbridled and live life with reckless abandon. That’s what makes them so amazing. Hardwood floors are just as amazing and they can take what your little daredevils and guard dogs throw at them. 

It’s important though to consider floors with higher durability ratings. Check out the Janka Hardness Scale before making any decisions. No wood is entirely scratch proof but that shouldn’t stop you from adorning your home with your favorite Brazilian cherry or pine planks. 

Remember, hardwood floors can be sanded and stained several times throughout their lifetime if needed. With that being said, if you treat your hardwood floors with respect, they will do the same for you. Here are some steps you can take to be sure to get the most life out of your hardwood floors:

  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed.
  • Never leave damp towels or clothes on the floor.
  • Clean up spilled liquid and pet accidents as soon as you see them.
  • Provide a rug or play mat for your kids to play with their toys on.

5. Engineered wood isn’t actually hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is hardwood- and it can save you money! They are like the secret menu item of hardwood floors. These trendy new planks are made by alternating thin sheets of the hardwood you know and love along with plywood. This gives you a plank with a thickness to rival any traditional hardwood flooring but saves you money by utilizing the less expensive plywood. What you see and feel on the surface is the same gorgeous hardwood that you’ve dreamed of.

Traditional hardwood floors are a solid piece of wood. You can see where the cost-saving comes into play by having plywood hidden deep in the plank. Also, just like their traditional hardwood counterpart, engineered hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished. The amount of sanding and refinishing that can be done will vary depending on the thickness of the top layer. 

hardwood floor myths

As you can see, hardwood flooring isn’t quite the headache you’ve heard it was. With so many possibilities and options for every type of home, you just can’t go wrong. We haven’t regretted our decision to choose hardwood one bit! 


Do you have any questions about hardwood floors? Feel free to leave them in the comments or message me on Instagram!


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  • Love all these reasons – as if I needed any more to convince me of how lovely hardwood flooring can be! We just bought a 50’s mid-century style home with worn out hardwood flooring.

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