What Makes the Panasonic ARC5 a Great Gift

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Looking for the perfect gift for a special guy in your life still? Me too! Well, somewhere along the line my little boys turned into teens and now I’ve got to figure out gifts from them & their dad. I still love finding gifts that they will be really excited about because they might be growing up, but I am going to soak in these special Christmas moments while I can. This year one of the gifts I know they are going to be stoked about is the Panasonic ARC5 5-Blade Premium Men’s Shaver. Camden saw the razor on a couple of men’s gift lists he was checking out and is already crazy excited about it, and to be honest, I am excited about him having a clean-shaven face all the time! Plus, he shared his excitement with his dad and now I know they both want one. Here is why they are so excited about it!

What Makes the Panasonic ARC5 a Great Gift

With this shaver, your guy (and you!) can say goodbye to annoying stubble! I will explain all the fancy details about it below, but what you really need to know is it provides a super close and smooth shave with ease. I mean there is a reason that the Esquire featured the Panasonic ARC5 in their 2019 Esquire Grooming Awards! This razor does all the thinking for you, it even has a sensor that detects varying hair density and adjusts its cutting speed.

The Important Details About This Razor

  • It has five precision ultra-sharp blades which make for a close, really smooth shave.

  • The head has 16-direction flexibility. This makes it easier to reach areas like the chin and jawline.

  • Not only does it make for a quicker shave with fewer strokes, but it does this all while providing more comfort. Perfect for the impatient guys!

  • It is designed for wet or dry use. This means you can take it in the shower, which Camden has been loving and says is super convenient.

  • It comes with an auto-cleaning stand! The stand not only cleans but charges the shaver with the press of a switch. This is probably both Camden and Mike’s favorite feature because it takes any worry about the shaver being sanitary away.

Where to Find the Panasonic ARC5

I ordered this electric razor for both Mike and Camden right from Amazon. I am all for gifts that don’t require me braving the mall or holiday traffic! Plus, right now it is on sale and you can get $30 off. It also comes with Amazon Product Support, just in case there is an issue upon arrival or if you want to be walked through instructions. Buy Panasonic ARC5 Shaver

Hopefully, this has helped to tick one gift off of your list. My son is truly in love with this electric razor and says it makes shaving a breeze. In fact, it’s pretty much all he has talked to me about for the last 24 hours since he got it!

If you have any questions about the Panasonic ARC5 5-Blade Premium Men’s Shaver, we would be happy to answer them. Feel free to leave them in the comments or send us a message on Instagram!

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