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I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Mara from Passports with Purpose on my recent trip to Fort Lauderdale for the TBEX conference. I can tell you her passion for this project is remarkable and this year’s project is definitely one close to my heart. Which is why I am super excited to share their amazing work with you and ask for your support in their annual fundraising campaign.

This year, 100% of your donation will help purchase e-readers for children in Kenya.

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Why Reading?

I attended a fundraising event once where a young Ethiopian man explained how a library pass helped him change his destiny. Born into some of the most destitute of situations this young boy really wasn’t given a fair chance at life. He would sit on the stairs of the library in Addis Ababa day in and day out. He wasn’t able to receive an education because his parents were too poor to afford the school uniform required for him to attend. He longed to go inside this building and learn to read as he saw all the other students doing. One day his dream came true. A traveler noticed the curious young boy and invited him to come to the library. The man helped this boy learn to read and he also purchased him a library card. This man changed this young boys life forever. Learning to read opened up a whole new world to this child. Reading afforded him opportunities he never dreamt possible. And, now he is living in America as a successful artist. All because someone helped him have access to books.

Just think- this is your opportunity to do the same thing for kids in Kenya. I urge you to please go check out Passports with Purpose. You never know how much you might help a child by skipping a few coffee runs this week.

Plus… you could win a prize

There is more in this for you than just that amazing feeling only GIVING can bring. For every $10 you donate you receive an entry in a drawing for your travel prize of choice. Prizes include trips, gear, electronics, gift certificates and more!
To donate simply visit

It’s easy to donate and enter for your favorite prize. Just visit the website above and click the “Donate” button. For every $10 you donate, you get one entry for the travel prize of your choice. If you have more than one entry, you can put all toward one prize, or spread them across multiple prize drawings.

About Worldreader

According to UNESCO, literacy “increases earning potential, decreases inequality, improves health outcomes and breaks the cycle of poverty.” The funds raised in 2015 from Passports with Purpose will bring digital reading to five libraries in western Kenya. The e-readers will provide an estimated 6,250 children, teachers and parents with access to more than 50,000 books.

Worldreader has been promoting global literacy since 2009. They leverage technology to increase literacy in developing nations. Through e-readers and mobile phones, they provide digital access to large libraries of literature in 69 countries and 43 languages around the world. Your donation will help purchase e-readers so that more people will be able to access these resources.

Learn more about Worldreader at

About Passports with Purpose

Each year since 2008, Passports with Purpose has selected a charity that helps families in need somewhere in the world. Passports with Purpose is volunteer run by travel bloggers, so 100% of the funds raised go directly to the charity. Past fundraisers have helped raise:

$84,000 to build schools in Mali
$116,000 to dig wells in Haiti
$90,000 for libraries in Zambia
$60,000 to house families in India
$28,000 for a rural school in Cambodia

Thank you to Worldreader, the Passports with Purpose organizers and all their sponsors for putting together an amazing campaign this year! I am excited to be a part of it!!

Help spread the word. You can follow and share Passports with Purpose on facebook, twitter & instagram.

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