See Kai Run Shoes – Why my kiddos and this mom Loves it!

Shopping for kids shoes is always a challenge. Trying to find something that looks cute, is durable and comfortable can be exhausting. Especially, when you have to find something that both you and your child agree on. That is why I am SO thankful I came across the See Kai Run shoes for kids. Read on to learn about how much we loved our shoes!

See Kai Run Shoes – Why my kiddos and this mom Loves it!


First Impressions-

I opened the box and was immediately impressed. The shoes were absolutely adorable!!! I loved both of the shoe’s designs and the quality was definitely top notch.

I put my hand inside to feel the sole. It was soft and had a nice spring to it. The shoes were flexible and I loved the rubber tip around the toe because I have learned through trial and error that the extra rubber in that location can really extend the life of a kids shoe.

I had chosen the Italya a simple slip on for my 8 year old daughter Ella. The ease of sliding them on versus waiting for her to tie them is going to help make a smoother summer for all of us. I also liked that she could put them on with or without socks.



Liv has the opposite problem. She needs shoes that stay on. Shoes that she can’t rip off her feet and toss across the room every chance she gets so I chose the Veronica for her- a double velcro closure. Aren’t they adorable?



The girls both absolutely LOVE their shoes. We just recently got back from a two week vacation which required a ton of walking and their choice of shoes was always their See kai Run pair. With all of that time to wear these shoes in I can very confidently say we are sold on this brand. Ella is pretty picky and she claims walking in these shoes feels like walking on clouds! Liv also loves the little red wagon on the side and bottom of her shoes. She calls it a car and demands her “car shoes” every time we head out the door!



After a month and a half of taking these shoes through puddles, by pools, on hikes and the beach they have definitely proven to have great durability. I am impressed by how little wear and tear they show. A quick wipe of the rubber and they honestly look like new. And, that is even after wearing them in a terrible storm in Playa Del Carmen where the streets filled with muddy water. Check See Kai Run Shoe Prices Here!


Another reason this company is so amazing is in the ways they continually give back to the community. They participate in the Hustle Kindness program which provides 10% of proceeds from select shoes to support Peach’s Neet Feet. Click here to learn more about this program.

*I was given two pairs of See Kai Run shoes for purpose of this review and giveaway. My opinion, as always, is 100% my own.


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