Beautiful Mommy & Me Sustainable Shoes- they’re comfy too!

Global Munchkins is proud to be partnering with Rothy’s sustainable shoes for this sponsored post. We pride ourselves on only partnering with products and companies we genuinely love and would recommend to our best friends and family. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% our own.
With our on-the-go travel lifestyle, we are on our feet from the moment we get up until the moment we head to bed pretty much. So, finding comfortable shoes that look and feel great is a must! It is also something that isn’t very easy to come by oddly enough and even harder when you are a minimalist like us and you want to find a look that goes with everything. Well, Rothy’s saw that problem and set out to fix it plus they figured out a way to do so sustainably too. In fact, to date, Rothy’s has repurposed over 11 million water bottles!! Pretty incredible, right? Learn more about these beautiful and sustainable shoes below.

Beautiful Mommy & Me Sustainable Shoes- they’re comfy too!

The cutest mom & me sustainable shoes + Rothy's are made of 100% recycled water bottles

Sustainable Shoes – A Teachable Moment

As moms, we are constantly trying to figure out how to raise the best little humans we can. We want them to be kind and compassionate, to build self-confidence, to stand up for what they believe in, and to find a passion that hopefully leads them to success & happiness. However, have you ever thought about how fashion can help you raise a good human? It’s true!

Every purchase we make is a powerful choice. We can choose to support companies that align with our own personal values by purchasing products from them versus their competition. After traveling the world for the past 15+ years I have seen first hand the devastation our obsession with material goods and convenience can be on our natural resources. So, I began to research and educate myself about things like sustainability. The more I read the more passionate I became about living a more sustainable life and teaching my children to be the same. Not just to be good stewards of the earth, which is a worthy cause, but honestly and more selfishly I didn’t want to see the beautiful places I have visited to be destroyed before my own kids would get to see them.

Teaching kids sustainability by purchasing sustainable shoes from Rothy's

So, I began to use little moments to weave in the importance of buying locally, picking up trash, using less plastic and finding ways to upcycle and recycle when we did. I have goals to learn to compost and while we certainly aren’t sustainability experts we are working to improve and better ourselves each and every day. The kids love it too! It’s super cute when they learn something new about recycling or pollution and they excitedly come to tell me all about it. Like in the photo below Liv reminded me that straws are a dangerous waste and that we should have brought our stainless steel ones. I swear, kids are so smart!

Mommy N Me Coffee Dates

When it came to shoe shopping I was so pleased to learn that Rothy’s found a way to make a positive impact on our plastics epidemic. Did you know that every minute one million water bottles are sold internationally? What is worse is that 91% of plastic is not recycled- that is scary! Rothy’s took those statistics and created a shoe made from 100% post-consumer water bottles, recycled foam, and vegan and non-toxic adhesives so you can feel good about purchasing and them. And, now that they have a girls line you can also incorporate a teachable moment about sustainability with your kids too!

Fashionable + Comfortable Designs

As much as I love supporting companies who are practicing sustainable actions at the end of the day I still want a product that looks good. It sounds demanding but the truth is there are some extraordinary designers these days who are re-shaping the industry and that is exactly what Stephen (“Hawthy”) & Roth, co-founders of Rothy’s have accomplished. They were so dedicated to the idea of creating sustainable shoes that were also fashionable and comfortable enough to be worn all day that they dedicated 3 years of research in order to do it. And, man am I thankful they did. Rothy’s are seriously my go-to everyday shoe and Liv agrees!

The perfect Mommy N Me Sustainable Shoes made by Rothy's

Rothy’s are unlike any shoe I have ever slipped on my feet. They are super comfortable and fit like a glove. They are also crazy lightweight making them easy to wear all day not to mention perfect for stashing in your suitcase without going over the weight limits 😉 And, I don’t know quite sure how they did it but my Rothy’s seriously look cute with every outfit (another travel bonus!). I wear my loafers with shorts, jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses.

This summer they came out with a bunch of NEW styles which I LOVE + they also added girls sizes. Naturally, when I saw these hot pink ones I HAD to get them for Liv and I am so thankful I did. She hasn’t worn another shoe since the day these arrived! Including to the pool- which in hindsight I guess I would say is the one outfit I don’t condone wearing Rothy’s with- ha!

Cute Mom and Me Sustainable Shoes from Rothy's

I love my spotted loafers but I am totally crushing on the NEW Red Varsity Stripe Points after seeing this gorgeous photo on Rothy’s Instagram feed. Isn’t this whole look just incredible? It’s amazing that these are sustainable shoes, right? They are just so pretty!

Another cool thing about Rothy’s is their packaging. The actual shoebox is strong enough to be shipped on its own eliminating an added box to ship. I also love the attention to detail including the recycled blue ribbon that serves as a seal on the box. The boxes themselves are also vegan, biodegradable, and made from 85% post-consumer recycled materials. The cards inside and the box are also 100% recyclable, and the box is resealable so you don’t even need tape during the returns or exchange process. I mean, seriously, they thought of EVERYTHING!!!

Sustainable Shoes- Rothy's Girls

You know the saying “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”? Well, Rothy’s proves its a bunch of baloney because with their shoes you get fashion, comfort, and sustainability not to mention a shoe you can actually machine wash too. Boom!

Rothy's shoes

Visit Rothy’s Today and Find the Perfect Pair of Everyday Sustainable Shoes for You!


*Disclaimer- this is a sponsored post in partnership with Rothy’s. All thoughts and opinions expressed above are, as always, 100% my own.

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  • Julie says:

    Sizing tip: I’m a size 7 in shoes (including Tieks and M.Gemi). I wear a size 7 in Rothy’s flats and size 7.5 in Rothy’s points and loafers. I like that these shoes are sustainable and made from recycled plastic. Also, Rothy’s offers free shipping and returns, in case you need to exchange or return a pair.

    In case your readers need a coupon, they can get $20 off their first pair of Rothy’s with this link —->

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