‘Tis the Season for Delicious Food from Omaha Steaks

The holidays are my favorite, I love any excuse to have all the people I love under one roof. I also love filling their bellies with delicious food. Trust me when I say this, though, I am no superhero and my holiday season is just as busy as most mamas out there. So I understand that between the shopping, the wrapping, the cookie making, and everything else that comes along with this magical season it leaves little time to prepare a meal. 


This is exactly why I am so obsessed with Omaha Steaks and I just want to shout it out to every family I know. You can have the Christmas dinner of your dreams delivered right to your door, all ready to be tossed in the oven and warmed up. It comes out totally on par with or better than what I would be able to prepare on my own, and instead of spending all my time in the kitchen worried about cooking Christmas dinner, I get to hang out with all our family & friends.

The Omaha Steak Packages You Need to Know About This Season

If you haven’t tried out Omaha Steaks yet, I highly recommend trying them out for an upcoming holiday meal. You will be hooked! If you have tried Omaha Steaks, think about giving one of these packages as a gift this holiday season. There is nothing better than the gift of food, but even better, this is the gift of relaxation and a little extra time with family. 

Build Your Own Holiday Dinner

If you are the master of sides, you can simply order the center of your table, like prime rib or ham from Omaha Steaks. However, The Omaha Steaks Holiday Classics Meal is usually what we go with so that we can customize our order to fit our needs. 

The Holiday Classics comes with either a spiral ham, a whole basted turkey, or a New Zealand Boneless leg of lamb. We have had the ham on a couple of occasions now and everyone in our family absolutely loves it, so that is what we are going with again this holiday season. Then you get to pick 2 side dishes, which I love because I can pick something like Steakhouse Cauliflower Au Gratin or Glazed Rainbow Carrots or Creamed Corn. These are all dishes that would take up a lot of my time in the kitchen, but instead, all I will have to do is warm them up! Last but not least, you get to pick out a dessert. You really can’t go wrong with any of the choices, but we tried out the Pineapple Cake this time around and fell in love. 

The Tasteful Gift

The Tasteful Gift contains so much yummy deliciousness that I do not even know where to start! This package comes with tops, pork chops, filets, and burgers… but wait there is more! You will also get caramel apple tartlets, potatoes au gratin, and a Signature Seasoning packet. My boys would eat the filet mignons for every meal if we let them, they are delicious and an amazing way to impress your holiday guests. The caramel apple tartlets are also a great crowd-pleaser, especially if you serve them up with a hefty scoop of french vanilla ice cream. 

This package is on major sale for just $79.99 right now. This is such a good price you can get one for you and gift one to a friend! 

Steakhouse Supreme

If you are looking to impress, this is definitely the package you will want to go with. It comes with 4 Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignons, Argentinian Red Shrimp, 4 Steakhouse Hashbrowns, and Old Fashioned Red Velvet Cake. There is no better way to do a gourmet surf & turf meal right from home. 

You can get this package at a major discount by following this link! It is only $99.99 right now! 

And, can we talk about how cute all these meals look in their gift packaging? It is one of the most wonderful things you can give someone who loves cooking, and it is so easy to gift to them! You just type in that you are shipping to someone and pop their name in. Of course, it is perfectly okay to gift this to yourself as well! I can’t stress enough how wonderful it has been to have extra time to spend with friends and family since we’ve started ordering from Omaha Steaks.


If you have any questions about our favorites or the extra touches we put on our Omaha Meals to make them “ours” feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me directly on Instagram


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