10 Awesome New Toys for 6 Year Olds This Holiday Season!

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The busier we can keep our kids the better, right? Entertaining our kids while traveling and on the go is something we are great at, but we’re focusing on keeping them just as entertained and engaged when we’re at home. We tested out some of the newest toys at Walmart that we think will be a big hit this holiday season! Below we’ve included a list of 10 of these awesome toys + a guide on how to pick the perfect gift for your child to make your gift shopping just a little easier. 

10 Awesome New Toys for 6 Year Olds This Holiday Season!

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How to Pick the Perfect Toys

Of course, there are some criteria we try to follow when picking out gifts. We think we’ve just about cracked the code on figuring out how to know if a toy will be a hit with your little one. 

  • Well known. Think about what your child is obsessed with right now; their favorite movies, characters, tv shows, or books. 
  • Developmentally Appropriate. You always want to choose an age-appropriate toy for your child. For one, you don’t want them to be frustrated by the toy because they can’t perform a certain function. More importantly, toys have age guidelines for a reason and are meant to keep your child safe. 
  • Specific Interests. Does your child really love science or curling up with a book? Toys are a great way to encourage these interests. 
  • Sentimental. Your child’s love for a toy has very little to do with the price tag. They will appreciate that you put thought into their gift. We do this by gifting experiences or a keepsake from time spent together.

10 New Toys Your Kiddo Will Love

Frozen 3 Wheel Scooter

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This ride-on scooter is perfect for any busy, independent kiddo. The pedals are made perfectly for little feet to accelerate or go in reverse. It goes 2.5 miles per hour, fast enough to be fun but not so fast that mom & dad will have to worry. 

Barbie Dream Camper

Not going to lie, this was the toy of my dreams when I was little! Some things never change and both my girls also had Barbie phases. This is a Camper RV and campsite play site. It has the classic Barbie look with tons of new accessories like a pool, hammocks, and kitchen accessories.  

furReal Cubby the Curious Bear

What could be better than a plush toy that is also interactive? Curious Bear has 100+ sound and motion responses and also comes with a treat, bottle, and comb. Olivia is absolutely in love with her new Cubby and loves taking care of him. 

LEGO Duplo Frozen Ice Castle

If you are looking for an adorable LEGO set for your little one, look no further! With the cute Frozen characters, your and your child can bond over imaginative play. LEGOs are also great for the development of fine motor skills. 

Dragon Snacks

If you are planning on having any game nights with family this holiday season, you are going to want Dragon Snacks around. The rules are simple making it fun for everyone. 

Battleship Shots

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Another great game for family game night is Battleship Shots. The twist from the classic Battleship game is that you bounce a ball over the divider and wherever it lands is where you hit and sink. It keeps all the fun strategic aspects of the original game!

Go Glam Nail Stamper

This nail stamper would make a great gift for any kid who loves to be independent! Plus, it will help you avoid any nail polish messes. 


Owleez is an adorable interactive pet that you actually teach to fly! It responds to touch, movement, and care. I love that it is a little different than most of the other interactive toys I’ve seen. 

Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise

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Surprise toys have been the rage for a few years now and this egg is GIANT adding to the fun. Inside your kiddo will find a plush unicorn. 

Disney Frozen Arendelle Palace Dollhouse

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With Frozen 2 coming out soon, you can’t go wrong with this impressive dollhouse! It’s 4 ft tall with 3 levels and a room for both Anna and Elsa. There are plenty of little details pulled straight from the movie that your Frozen fan will love. Plus, it is easy to assemble which is a big bonus for parents!

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I hope your holiday season is merry & bright and your shopping trips aren’t too chaotic. With our pointers for picking toys and this list of favorites, I know you will be able to find just the right gift for your kiddo. 

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