12 Photos that will Make You Want to Join the Sustainable Travel Movement

Sustainable Travel is something I think EVERYONE could get behind. Who doesn’t want to ensure the wonders we get to experience today are still around for our great grandchildren to enjoy in the future? Who doesn’t want their travel dollars to support and positively impact the communities in which they visit? Of course we all want those things. But, what are we doing to make sure they happen? This is what the Sustainable Travel Movement is all about. Teaching and educating travelers to look into how and where they are spending their travel dollars. So, that travelers can be responsible for their impact on the world.

The BEST part? Sustainable Travel is not out of our reach. In many cases it is NOT more expensive, it’s not a lesser experience AND its not hard to find. If you want to learn more join the #WhereNext? Twitter Chat on Sustainable Travel next Tues. Aug. 9, 2016 at 8pm CST. You will learn a ton about sustainable travel & have the chance to win some awesome prizes. Read more about it here or rsvp here.

12 Photos that will make you want to join the Sustainable Travel Movement


You can still stay somewhere AMAZING… sustainable options when it comes to hotels & resorts are plentiful. Even some of the biggest brands are hoping onto the Sustainable Travel train. Check out these incredible hotels I found:

Four Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia


Gayana Eco-Resort in Malaysia


Igloo Village in Finland


Six Senses Vietnam




Supporting Local Businesses

I love meeting the locals… it is one of my favorite things about traveling. When you spend money locally you are helping to support families in the area you travel. Check out local restaurants, co-ops and places that are in the business of doing good for the environment, wildlife and its people.

Here are a few examples:

Eat Locally Sourced Fruit

local foods


Visit Co-Ops that Support Fair Trade


Support Local Restaurants

tasty fish dish in Cozumel as part of the Cozumel Chef food tour

Visit Non-Profit Shops


Sustainable Activities

Traveling responsibly does not mean you can’t still have incredible encounters with wildlife nor does it mean you can’t have fun. Here are a few examples of activities you can do.

Ensessakotteh Wildlife & Refuge in Ethiopia


National Geographic Offers Family Expeditions


Visit the Great Barrier Reef


Don’t forget to join me for the #WhereNext? Twitter Chat next Tuesday Aug. 9th at 8pm CST.

We are talking Sustainable Travel and giving away some AWESOME PRiZES too!

Sustainable Travel (1)

*a special thanks to AIG Travel for sponsoring the Twitter Chat. I was not paid for this post.


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