Family Travel Chat LIVE Tuesday- Episode 4 (Cruising with Kids)

Things to know about cruising with kids including which cruise line is best for YOUR family. Plus how to save money on booking, onboard and on shore excursions.

One of my favorite ways to travel with kids is onboard a gorgeous cruise ship. Today, I talked about my BEST tips for SAVING MONEY when you book and on shore excursions, which cruise line is BEST for your family and more. I also share the VERY BEST TRAVEL DEALS on the web today!!!

Family Travel Chat LIVE Tuesday- Episode 4 (Cruising with Kids)

I loved sharing my best cruise tips with you today and I hope that I encouraged you to at least think about booking a cruise with your kids. Remember, traveling off-season, booking 2 adjoining rooms vs family suite, and using a travel agent can really save you cash when booking. Or, if you really want to save BIG check into booking guaranteed space cabins (watch the video below for more details). I also shared with you why I think cruising is such an incredible family vacation, one where parents actually get to relax.

After I had you realizing cruising really is for you I went into detail about the pros and cons of the top 3 family cruise lines- Disney, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean. I broke down which is best for each age groups, what cruise line offers the most bang for your buck and which cruise line has the BEST ship. If you have ever thought about cruising with kids you really should check the video out below. If you know someone else who might be interested in learning more about cruising with kids please share this post. It helps me out a ton 🙂

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