Exciting Announcement! I am teaming up with Alamo Rent A Car as a Chief Travel Guide.

One of the best decisions we have made as a family was to prioritize travel. It has allowed us to bond as a family, has gifted us with incredible memories and taught us so much about this beautiful world we live in. Through our 16+ years of family travel experience, one thing we have learned is the importance of choosing the right travel partners; brands that truly care about their customers’ experiences. This is why I am filled with excitement to announce that I am joining one of our absolute favorite travel brands, Alamo Rent A Car, as a Chief Travel Guide!

Who you travel with is just as important as where you travel to, and I am not just talking about the people in your travel party. I am talking about the people you meet along the way, from the friendly smile behind the counter to the educated tour guide that shows your children that history is actually super cool. 

With years of family travel under my belt, I have learned through experience which brands families can put their trust in. Alamo Rent A Car is a brand we readily recommend to our closest friends and family, as well as the readers here on our blog.

Seven Reasons We LOVE Alamo Rent A Car  

  1. Online Check-In

Time is our most valuable asset. This is especially true when we are talking about the precious time we get to spend on vacation with our loved ones. This is why we love Alamo’s Online Check-In services. By simply checking in online, you can skip the counter and walk straight to your vehicle. On your way out all you have to do is show your ID and the credit card you booked your rental with and you are off!

  1. Drop-Off is a Breeze

Again, it comes down to time. We love the ease of returning a rental car with Alamo. You pull up and the friendly agent scans the car with a quick walk-around, checks your gas and prints your receipt. It’s the simplest drop-off system we have ever experienced.

  1. Amazing Customer Service

This is HUGE!! A bad experience at a rental car counter can put a damper on your trip. Trust me: I have been there, but NEVER with Alamo Rent A Car. We love that we can expect that Alamo will have the car class we booked available, clean & ready when we arrive.

  1. Partner with Your Airlines

I am all about maximizing my spending, which is why I love that Alamo offers a Partner Rewards Program. This means you can earn airline miles from carriers like Delta, American, Southwest, Frontier, Alaska and more! They also partner with hotel brands such as Hilton, Best Western and Radisson, too!

  1. Flexible Booking

One thing travel has taught me is the importance of flexibility. Alamo understands this and they offer an amazing flexible booking system in which you can modify or cancel a reservation up to one calendar day before the reservation date for FREE. 

  1. Unlimited FREE Mileage

Alamo Rent A Car actually pioneered the concept of unlimited free mileage and this benefit helps save families money, which I am all about.

  1. Save Money When You Join Alamo Insiders

Anyone can become an Alamo Insider and save 5% on their already low rates. Plus, it’s free to join!

Beyond all of this, Alamo Rent A Car has created an amazing resource for families and travelers known as the Scenic Route. Here, you can find amazing travel guides, vacation stories along with travel tips and hacks to help inspire you to plan your next family vacation. 

This year, as a Chief Travel Guide for Alamo, I will be sharing our very own travel journeys, tips, and hacks on the Scenic Route blog. I hope you head on over and follow along. I am so excited for what is to come.


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