The BEST Travel Rucksack Backpack + GIVEAWAY

Gray Large Rucksack Backpack by Just Porter

Talk to any frequent traveler and you will quickly learn that travel gear can make or break your travel experience. Just as a chef is dependent on his kitchen equipment, and mechanics rely on their tools in the garage, travelers bank on the quality and functionality of their gear. Which is why I am pleased to share my NEW Rucksack Backpack from Just Porter with you. Not only is this a high-quality backpack, but it is also incredibly functional, comfortable and convenient. Plus, when you purchase a backpack from Just Porter you partner with them in giving backpacks to children in need too!

Gray Large Rucksack Backpack by Just Porter

The BEST Travel Rucksack Backpack + GIVEAWAY

It is NOT often you come across a product that is simply SO AMAZING that you feel the need to share it with everyone you know. But, that is exactly how I feel about the Just Porter Rucksack Backpack. This versatile travel backpack has pockets for everything you need to bring with you for a backpacking adventure, family vacation or romp through a theme park. Plus, it is super trendy and looks great on your back too!

Gray Large Rucksack Backpack Review by Just Porter

As soon as I cut the orange tape on the Just Porter box and reached inside to grab my new backpack I fell in love. From the durability of the waterproof material to the accessibility lent by the roll top and the endless functional pockets found both inside and outside this bag makes the Rucksack Backpack a fantastic choice for travelers and commuters alike. Not to mention it’s adorable too. The image below shows you the Rucksack Backpack at it’s largest capacity. Note that it can be rolled down to a smaller size and it appears larger on my 5 foot frame than it does on the average person 😉

Gray Large Rucksack Backpack by Just Porter

Want to see how much stuff I easily packed inside my backpack?

Check out my video review below:

But, wait that’s not all… Just Porter was born out of a heart for giving back. Founder Chris Baher was doing some humanitarian work in the Philippines where he happened to come across a poor school in a rural area. He went to a local market to purchase school supplies and returned to the school to pass them out. From this bore his 1/3 idea. It’s more than just then 1 for 1 give back scheme that we have come to know and love.

When you buy a rucksack backpack from Just Porter they give a bag to a child in need full of school supplies. It's their get a bag, give a bag program!

The 1/3 means you purchase 1 backpack and Just Porter will

  1. Go to an area and hire a local bag maker,
  2. Fill that bag with school supplies purchased from a local vendor, and
  3. Give that backpack full of supplies to a child in need.

Learn more about Just Porter’s Buy a Bag, Give a Bag in the quick video below:

This incredible format is a more sustainable model and one that truly seeks to end the cycle of poverty. And, you can do you part by simply purchasing a truly awesome (in more ways than one) backpack. I, of course, love my rucksack backpack but Just Porter has a full line of backpacks that are great for work, school and travel.


I am SO thrilled to be able to give one of you a backpack from Just Porter. The winner will receive their very own Piko Backpack in the color of their choice- personally, I think the camo rocks! 

In order to enter the contest, simply follow the Gleam contest instructions below:
Win a Piko Backpack from Just Porter

*special thanks to Just Porter for sending me this wonderful backpack to review + one to giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are, as always 100% my own. **Some photos courtesy of’s website.


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