Family Travel Chat LIVE Tuesday- Episode 2 (Disney Cruise vs. Disney World, How to Save on Disney Vacations, Flight Deals)

Disney Cruise vs Disney World + how to save on both. Plus, the BEST travel deals online right now

Today we chatted about all things Disney pretty much! I weighed in on the challenging question of which is better a Disney Cruise or a Disney World Vacation. I gave some pointers on how to save on both AND I shared the BEST travel deals around the web right now!!

Family Travel Chat LIVE Tuesday- Episode 2 (Disney Cruise vs. Disney World, How to Save on Disney Vacations, Flight Deals)

Wow, what a super fun topic. Disney vacations are one of my family’s all-time favorite. And, as I discussed we are not crazy Disney people. We just love the amazing service Disney provides, the phenomenal entertainment and all the magical moments they create in their parks, at their resorts and on their cruise ships. Disney just does family travel really, really well!

Today, I chatted with you all about the key differences between a Disney Cruise vs Disney World and what it boiled down too was PACE. Disneyworld is crazy and fast paced because there is just SO much to do and see between the 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and Disney Springs. And, the Disney Cruise is mellow and relaxing because everything is on the boat or a scheduled shore excursion, your room is always just an elevator ride away and childcare is included (for kids 3+ and potty trained).

For a full run down either watch the video (below) or check out this post-

Disney Cruise vs Disney World. Which is better and how to save on both!

I also shared some of my BEST tips on saving money when you book either a Disney World or a Disney Cruise Vacation. I discussed traveling off season (May or Sept/ Oct) for Disney World, renting Disney Vacation Club points, staying off property, and eating breakfast in. As far as saving on a Disney Cruise we discussed the importance of booking early (12-18 months) or late to grab last minute deals. I shared with you, my secret to saving thousands on a Disney Cruise. And, I encouraged you to check into working with a Disney travel agent as well.

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