Save Time + Money at Six Flags- FlashPass Benefits And More!

Our kids are at the ages where they love visiting theme parks. Recently we had the opportunity to check out Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA. As per our usual, we found some exciting ways to save both time and money on your next trip. Score our best tips and see why we think the Six Flags FlashPass is worth every penny below. This post is sponsored by Wyndham Rewards. Wyndham Rewards has partnered with Six Flags theme parks across America to offer members discounts and perks. Wyndham Rewards was also ranked the #1 Best Hotel Rewards program by US News thanks to perks like earning and redeeming points at their properties worldwide, no black-out dates, and much more. 

Save Time + Money at Six Flags- FlashPass Benefits And More!

Save time and money with the Six Flags FlashPass and my top tips by clicking through the link. #AD

 If you know us, you know that we’re big fans of theme parks and even bigger fans of thrilling experiences. I grew up fairly close to one of Los Angeles’s top theme parks; Magic Mountain. I’ve always loved the park, but only really came to appreciate it for how awesome it is as our kids have gotten older and fallen in love with the park’s exciting heart racing coasters. As it is a bit of a drive for us, we have learned to make the most of our trips with these money and time-saving tips.

1 The Six Flags FlashPass

Electronic Ride Reservation passes are all the hype in theme parks these days because they allow guests to make reservation times for rides and in turn cut way down on their wait times. After all, you’re at Magic Mountain to have a fun time, not to spend all day waiting in lines. Tons of parents are saying this little device is well worth the price for keeping everyone smiling all day long, especially if you are only spending one day in the park. You can make your reservations from anywhere in the park and will receive a notification when it’s your turn to ride, once you head over to your reserved ride you’ll get to enter through the special Flash Pass Entrance. At Magic Mountain, there are 3 levels of The Flash Pass; regular, gold, and then platinum. Each includes tons of rides, but make sure to check which are available with each so you don’t miss out on your favorites. The photo below is an example of what’s available to reserve, but they can change daily as well. Keep in mind some of the most popular coasters can only be reserved on the pass once for the day. With each level you go up the pass saves you more time, and the Platinum Pass is estimated to be 90% faster than waiting in the regular line!! These passes can be purchased online or in the park, but I highly recommend buying them in advance because only a limited number are sold each day. Keep in mind, they’re good for 5 guests max!

2 Annual Pass & Ticket Specials

One of the really awesome things about Magic Mountain is that their ticket and pass prices change daily. This means it is super important to check their price calendar when planning a trip. Weekends and holiday breaks are the busiest and most expensive, so if you can work around those you’ll be set for saving time and money. Always be looking out for specials on the price of passes because even if you aren’t going right when they’re on sale, purchasing them in advance can save you a lot in the long run. A season pass for Magic Mountain is typically just priced a little more than a daily ticket and will give you the chance to visit all year, attend special events, and even bring a friend along for free on specified dates. For example, they have a holiday sale going on right now until December 31st where you can save up to 65% on pass prices and if you buy 4+ passes you get a free upgrade to a Gold Pass. Check out the multiple holiday specials here.

3 Parent Swap

If you’re visiting the park with little ones make sure to take advantage of the Parent Swap. Kiddos who are not tall enough to ride a certain attraction can wait with an adult at the exit, the rest of the party just needs to inform a ride attendant they would like to do a swap. When the rest of the party gets off, the adult waiting at the exit can then get on the ride without having to wait in the line again.

4 BYO Food & Refillable Water Bottles

No matter how great the food deals at the park are, I always recommend just packing your own food and snacks. This way you can pack your family’s go-to items that will keep you fueled for the whole day. There’s plenty of spots with benches around the park to stop and have a little picnic or if you’re really trying to get all the rides in you can even just eat while waiting in line. By all means, still treat yourself with a theme park favorite like a pretzel or popcorn, but this way you’ll have your basic meals covered and save some cash.

5 Purchase Your Six Flags FlashPass, Tickets, and Meal Vouchers Online

Whether it’s The Flash Pass, tickets, or meal vouchers you’ll save some cash buying them in advance online rather than at the gate. Plus rather than starting your day off waiting at the ticket booth, you will be able to head straight to the park and hop on some rides. This being said, it is important when you purchase online that you buy date-specific tickets because they are often cheaper than the any-day pass.

6 Pack Light

Because Magic Mountain’s rides are high speed or have loops, many of them require you to place your belongings into lockers in front of the ride. Not only are these pricey, but they slow you down from getting on the ride and have time limits so you must pick up your items between each attraction. Avoid this hassle by putting backpacks, jackets, and packed lunches in all day lockers in the front of the park at the Six Flags Plaza.

Save time and money with the Six Flags FlashPass and my top tips by clicking through the link. #AD

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Save time and money with the Six Flags FlashPass and my top tips by clicking through the link. #AD

*Disclosure- We received complimentary theme park tickets for the purpose of this review in partnership with Wyndham Rewards. All thoughts and opinions expressed above are, as always, 100% my own.

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